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PayPal Payments Advanced and/or Payflow Gateway

Use this module to configure one of three PayPal products:

  • PayPal Payments Advanced: PayPal Payments Advanced combines a merchant account (with a monthly fee) and a gateway in one product. Unlike PayPal Payments Pro, with this method you cannot store the customer's credit card information along with their order.
  • This product uses a "hosted checkout" which places an iFrame in your checkout pages. From the customer's perspective they are entering their credit card information in your on-line store, however, the information is being sent directly to PayPal. As of this writing (08/01/12), this method makes PayPal responsible for compliance with the Payment Card Industry standards for secure transactions. Please note that this is subject to change.

  • Payflow Link: Payflow Link is a payment gateway that does not include a merchant account. Like PayPal Payments Advanced, with this method PayPal is currently responsible for PCI compliance with transaction security.
  • Payflow Pro: Like Payflow Link, this method is a gateway only. Unlike the other two methods it does not add an iFrame to your checkout pages for credit card transactions. The credit card transaction takes place within your on-line store.
  • Product Name Includes a Merchant Account (with Monthly Fee) Adds an iFrame to Your Checkout Pages Includes a Gateway
    PayPal Payments Advanced

    Payflow Link
    Payflow Pro
    Payment Solution: Select the PayPal product you are using. If you haven't already signed up for one of the products, you can click on a Sign Up link to go to PayPal's website.
    Host: The URL that Miva Merchant uses to make transaction requests. This field is auto-populated and you should never need to change it.
    Partner: The partner is the seller or reseller that gives you access to the payment gateway. When you create your PayPal account you will be told the partner information. It will generally be either PayPal or Miva Merchant.
    Merchant Login: When you sign up for a PayPal product you get a single merchant login and one or more user logins. The merchant login is like the "master" login for your account. There is only one merchant login and password. However, you can also create as many user logins as you wish. For example, you might use your company name as your merchant login and then create user logins for different employees in your company.
    User: The user account name that you want to use.
    Password: The password for your merchant login.
    Transaction Timeout: Defaults to 30 seconds. When your on-line store sends a request to a gateway (authorize/refund/void/capture), Miva Merchant starts a timer. If Miva Merchant doesn't get a response from the gateway before the transaction timeout, both Miva Merchant and the gateway cancel the request.
    CVV2 Message: Only applies if you are using Payflow Pro. The text that you enter in this field will appear in your on-line store during checkout when your customer enters their credit card information. Merchants usually use this field to describe the purpose of the CVV2 field.
    Charge Method:

    Sale (Automatic Capture): If you select this option, authorize and capture will occur when the user clicks the Submit button in the Payments page in your on-line store.

    PreAuth (Authorize Only, Capture Later): Authorization occurs when the user clicks the Submit button in the Payments page in your on-line store. To capture funds you must either:

    • Edit the order in Miva Merchant admin and click on the Capture button.
    • Log into your PayPal account and manually capture the funds.
    • Note that these settings also affect you when you manually create an order. For example:

      1. Set the Charge Method to Sale (Automatic Capture).
      2. Manually create an order.
      3. Edit the order and click the Authorize button. In the Authorize dialog box, select a payment type associated with PayPal Payments Advanced and click OK.
      4. In the Edit Order screen, you can see that the Capture button is greyed out and the funds were automatically captured after authorization.
    Store Entire Credit Card Number:
    • If you are using Payflow Pro, and you select this option, the customer's entire credit card number is attached to the order. (You can view the credit card information by editing the order).
    • If you are using Payflow Pro and you don't select this option, only the last four digits of the customer's credit card are attached to the order.
    • If you are using Payflow Link or Payflow Pro, the last four digits of the customer's credit card are always attached to the order, regardless of whether you check this box or not.
    Available Payment Methods: If you are using Payflow Pro, the payment methods that you choose here will show up in the payments drop-down list during checkout. If you are using Payflow Link or Payflow Pro, the drop down list will show whatever you select here, but the iFrame will only accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
    Require CVV2 in Administrative Interface: This option only affects you when you are manually creating an order through the Miva Merchant admin interface. If you enable this option, you must enter a CVV2 number in the Authorize dialog box when you create or edit the order. If you do not enable this option, the Authorize dialog box will still have a CVV2 field, but you can ignore it.

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