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Wish Lists

Wish Lists in Miva Merchant are similar to wish lists in Amazon. Any customer with an account in your store can:

  • Create, edit and delete Wish Lists.
  • Add products to a Wish List and remove products from a Wish List.
  • Move items from their basket to a Wish List, and move items from a Wish List to their basket

If you have a brand new 9.0004 store, Wish Lists are automatically enabled. If you upgraded to 9.0004 from a previous Miva Merchant release, you must make all of the 9.0004 template changes (see Template Changes for Version 9).

Wish List

In 9.0004, the Wish List features are mostly reached through your on-line store. However, Wish Lists added six new pages to the admin interface.

See Menu> User Interface > Pages tab:


Customer Experience - To Create a Wish List

  1. The customer browses to your store and signs into their account.
  2. The customer clicks on the Account button, and then clicks Wish List.
  3. Wishlist

  4. In the Wish List screen, the customer clicks Create Wish List.
  5. Wishlist

    • Title: The Wish List name that is shown to the customer
    • Notes: An optional field. Customers can use the notes field to describe the purpose of the Wish List.
    • Public: If the customer clicks the Public checkbox, any visitor to your store can search for this Wish List and see the Wish List items. If the customer does not click this checkbox, their Wish List cannot be viewed by anyone else
  6. When the customer has filled out the above fields, they can click Save.

Customer Experience - To Edit or Delete a Wish List

  1. The customer browses to your store and signs into their account.
  2. Click on the Wish List link.
  3. Wishlist

  4. In the Wish Lists screen, the customer clicks on a Wish List name.
  5. Wishlist

  6. In the Wish List screen, click Edit or Delete.
  7. Wishlist

Customer Experience - To Add an Item to a Wish List

  1. This customer has already created at least one Wish List.
  2. The customer browses to your store and signs into their account.
  3. The customer selects a product page in your store and clicks the Add to Wish List button.
  4. Wishlist

  5. If the customer has more than one Wish List, the system will ask the customer what Wish List the product should be added to. If the customer only has one Wish List, the product is added to that list and the store displays that Wish List.
  6. There's quite a few things that the customer can do on this screen:


Customer Experience - To Search for Public Wish Lists

Any Wish List that has been marked as Public can be viewed by anyone in your store. Customers do not need accounts to search for public Wish Lists.

  1. The customer browses to your store and clicks on the Wish List link.
  2. Wishlist

  3. In the Wish Lists screen, enter the name, or partial name, of a public Wish List, and click Search.
  4. Wishlist

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