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eBay > Product Header & Footers

Your Miva Merchant store can have product headers and footers:

The Marketplaces - eBay > Product Header & Footers lets you add header and footer content to the eBay listings that you create in the admin interface. You can create as many header and footers for your eBay listings as you want. For example, you could have different headers and footers for the types of products that you sell: one for clothing, a different header and footer for sporting equipment, etc.

To Use Headers and Footers in Your eBay Listings

  1. Create a Header/Footer.
  2. 1.1. Go to Menu> Marketplaces - eBay > Product Header & Footers tab.

    1.2. Click Create Header & Footer Add

    Header Footer

    1.3. In the Add Header & Footer dialog box:

    1.3.1. Title: The Title uniquely identifies this header and footer in the admin interface. For example, you might create a header/footer called "Header/Footer - Clothing".

    1.3.2. Header/Footer: Add the content that you want to appear in the header or footer - text, images, etc.

    1.3.3. Click Add to save your changes.

  3. Associate the header/footer with a product
  4. 2.1. Go to Menu> Catalog > Products tab > edit product > Marketplace - eBay Listing Settings tab.

    2.2. Select your header/footer from the Description Header/Footer list box.

    Sample Detail

    2.3. Make any other changes to the fields in the Marketplace - eBay Listing Settings tab, then click Update.

  5. Create the listing. See:
  6. When the listing is uploaded to your eBay store, it will include the header/footer content that you created.

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