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Base + Weight Shipping

Use Base + Weight Shipping to generate simple shipping charges based on the weight of the order. See also:

To Enable Base + Weight Shipping

  1. Go to Menu> Shipping > Add / Remove Modules.
  2. In the Available Modules section, click on the Install button under Base + Weight Shipping.

To Configure Base + Weight Shipping

  1. In the Base + Weight Shipping tab, click on Add MethodPlus.
  2. 1.1. Enter a name for the shipping method. This name will appear in your on-line store.

    1.2. Enter a Base Charge. The base charge is like a flat rate that you are always going to charge. for this type of shipping. The base charge is added to the calculated weight charge.

    1.3. Enter an Amount/Weight Unit. This is the price that you want to charge per weight unit (usually pounds or kilograms) of the order. You can set the weight unit in the Menu> Store Settings > Store Details tab > Settings section > Weight Units drop-down list.

  3. Click Save Method Saves

In our example we created two shipping methods: Economy and Overnight. Let's say our customer selects Economy shipping, which has a base charge of $5.00 and a shipping charge of $1.00 per pound. If our customer buys a bag of oranges that weighs 12 pounds, the shipping charge is:

Base Charge: $5.00
Amount/Weight Unit x Weight of Order: ($1.00 per pound x 12 pounds) $12.00
Shipping: $17.00

Shipping Payment

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