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Canada Post

  • Use the Canada Post shipping module to ship products:
    • From Canada to locations inside Canada.
    • From Canada to any location in the world. When you use this module, the address that you ship from must be inside Canada.
    • When you use this module, the address that you ship from must be inside Canada.

  • You can use this module to get shipping rates and to print labels with postage.
  • Canada Post has two API's: Sell On-line and a SOAP API. Miva Merchant communicates with Canada Post using the SOAP API.
  • Unlike some of the other shipping modules, the Canada Post module does not have any settings at the product level.
  • Your Canada Post Account and Credentials

    1. Before you can use the Canada Post module in your Miva Merchant store, you must set up a Canada Post account at: www.canadapost.ca
    2. Select English.
    3. Canada Posts

    4. In the upper right corner of the screen, click Business.
    5. Canada Posts

    6. In the upper right corner of the screen, click Sign In | Sign Up.
    7. Canada Posts

    8. In the My Business Profile screen, you will be asked to select a "site". Make sure you select Canada Post, then click Sign Up.
    9. Business Profile

    10. After you create your account, you will have several important Canada Post credentials. You can view these credentials by selecting the Support link.
    11. Canada Posts

    The three credentials you should make a note of are your:

    1. Canada Post customer number
    2. Username
    3. Password

    At Canada Post your username and password are alphanumeric strings, which they also call "keys". Note that Canada Post gives you a separate username and password for development and production. Use the development keys to test Canada Post in your Miva Merchant store. Use the production keys in your Miva Merchant store when you are ready to start shipping with Canada Post.

    To Enable the Canada Post Module in Miva Merchant

    1. Go to Menu > Shipping > Add / Remove Modules.
    2. In the Available Modules section, click on the Install button under Canada Post.

    To Configure the Canada Post Module in Miva Merchant

    Select the Canada Post tab. Note that the settings in this section are global and will apply to all packages that you ship by Canada Post.

    • Select Development if you want to test Canada Post in your Miva Merchant store without generating real postage and postal charges to your account. If you select Development here, make sure that you enter your Canada Post development username and password.
    • Select Production when you are ready to start using Canada Post in your Miva Merchant store. You will be able to generate real postage labels that will be billed to your Canada Post account. If you select Production here, make sure that you enter your Canada Post production username and password.
    Username: Password: Confirm Password:

    Enter your:

    • Development username and password, or your
    • Production username and password.
    • See Your Canada Post Account and Credentials
    Account Type: Select "Contract" if you have a rate contract with Canada Post. If you are using standard Canadian postal rates, choose "Non-contract". If you have a contract you will also need to print manifests.
    Customer Number: This is another credential you get when you set up your account with Canada Post. See Your Canada Post Account and Credentials
    Payment Method: Select the payment method you are using in your Canada Post account.
    Source Postal Code for Calculations: This is your Canadian "ship from" postal code. It must be in Canada. Canada Post uses your postal code to calculate shipping charges.
    Label Size Select the label size that you want to use on your packages. The 4"x6" size will work with the Zebra and Zebra compatible printers that Miva Merchant supports.
    Label Preferences:
    • Show Packing Instructions
    • Show Postage Rate
    • Show Insured Value

      All three of these are information that comes back from Canada Post with your shipping charges. If you check the box next to one of the items, that information will be printed on your label.

    Error Messages Language: Select a language for error messages that are returned by the Canada Post API. These messages only show up in the admin interface if something goes wrong when you are generating Canada Post labels. They are not displayed to your customers.

    Generate Shipping Label

    Currency: Use this field to select the currency for declared value on international shipments. If you set this field to anything other than "Canadian dollar", another field will appear asking you to enter a currency conversion rate between Canadian dollars and the currency that you selected.


    Available Services: Whatever shipping methods that you select here will be offered to your customers during checkout, and will appear in the admin interface when you are printing Canada Post labels.

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