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Minimum or Weight Shipping

Minimum or Weight Shipping is similar to Base + Weight shipping.

See the example below, but see also:

To Enable Minimum or Weight Shipping

  1. Go to Menu> Shipping > Add / Remove Modules > Available Modules section.
  2. Click Install under Minimum or Weight Shipping.

To Configure Minimum or Weight Shipping

  1. In the Minimum or Weight Shipping tab, click Add Method Add Method.
    • Enter a name for this shipping method. This name will appear in your on-line store.
    • Enter an Amount/Weight Unit. This is the price that you want to charge per weight unit, for example, the shipping charge per pound.
    • Enter a Minimum Charge. This is the least amount that you always want to charge for this shipping method.
  2. Click Save MethodSave


We'll create a Minimum or Weight Shipping rule called "Economy". We'll charge $1.00 per pound of weight, but the minimum that we ever want to charge for shipping is $10.00.


If our customer buys a bag of oranges that weighs 12 pounds, the system calculates the shipping charge like this:

  1. The shipping charge by weight is 12 pounds x $1.00 per pound = $12.00.
  2. The minimum shipping charge for "Economy" is $10.00.
  3. $12.00 is the larger of the two, so the customer is charged $12.00 shipping.

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