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Endicia Shipping Labels

Enable the Endicia module if you want to print labels with USPS postage. Without the Endicia module, your USPS labels will essentially just be address labels and will not have postage on them.

To Enable the Endicia Module

  1. Go to Menu> Shipping > Add / Remove Modules > Available Modules section.
  2. Click Install under Endicia Shipping Labels.

To Configure the Endicia Module

  1. Select the Endicia Shipping Label Settings tab.
  2. Configure the options shown below.
  3. Click Update.

Create Account: This link will only appear if you haven't created your account. Clicking on the "Sign Up" link will take you to the Endicia website.

Test: Use this option to print sample labels.

Production: Use this option to print real labels that will be billed to your Endicia account.

Endicia Account ID: Enter your Endicia account number.
Endicia PassPhrase/Change Passphrase: Enter the passphrase that you created during account creation. After you've entered your account information a "change passphrase" link will appear.
Non-ZPL Label Image Type:

Use Zebra Thermal Printing When Possible:

PR8 Update 8 added the ability to print adhesive backed labels using a Zebra or Zebra compatible printer. A Zebra compatible printer can be used with Endicia, FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post, but currently not with the USPS.


  • Your browser must have Java enabled. See http://java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser.xml.
  • You must have a Zebra or Zebra compatible printer that can print .zpl.
  • Your store must be running PR8 Update 8 or later.

For some shipping destinations Endicia is not able to create a label that is compatible with a Zebra printer. If you enable the Use Zebra Thermal Printing checkbox, you also should select a value from the Non-ZPL Label Image Type, usually PDF. The Miva Merchant software automatically examines the label from Endicia. If the label we receive from Endicia is .zpl compatible, it will print on your Zebra printer. If it isn't .zpl compatible, it will print to the backup method you select in the Non-ZPL Label Image Type dropdown.

Available services:

Use this field to select the type of USPS labels that you want to print with Endicia. For example, if you uncheck "USPS Domestic: First-Class Mail", you will not be able to print USPS domestic first class labels.

This field does not change the U.S.P.S. shipping methods that you offer to customers during checkout. To choose the USPS shipping methods that are offered to your customers during checkout, please see the U.S.P.S. Online Rate Calculation module.

Account Postage:

Shows your Endicia account status.

Recredit Account: Click on the link and enter a dollar amount. That amount is added to your Endicia account and charged to the credit card that Endicia has on file for you. Miva Merchant has no record of your credit card information.

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