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A ReadyTheme storefront page usually comes with fixed, pre-determined locations for images. These are not product images; they are more for "look and feel" images that introduce your store to customers. For example, the base ReadyTheme has spaces for three storefront page images:

ReadyTheme Images

If you look in the admin interface: Menu> ReadyTheme > Images tab You'll see that there are "image records" for the three locations.

ReadyTheme Images

The ReadyTheme > Images tab is only used to add promotional images to your ReadyTheme storefront page. You can edit any of these records to use your own picture. Your images will automatically appear in your storefront page.

If you were using the base ReadyTheme, you could add a fourth storefront image, but you would have to manually edit the storefront page (SFNT) template code to make the fourth image show up in your store.

To Edit Your ReadyTheme Default Images

  1. Go to Menu> ReadyTheme > Images tab.
  2. In the Images tab, double-click on one of the image records.

    Sorting Records

  3. In the Edit ReadyTheme Image dialog box:
  4. 3.1. Make any necessary changes.

    Click Save.

Code: The code uniquely identifies this image record in the admin interface.
Name: A display name for the image record. It is only shown in the admin interface.
Image: If you have a selected an image, the Image field shows the filepath on your store server, relative to your graphics directory.
Select Image

Use the Select Image button to upload an image to your store server, or select an image that you've already uploaded.

  1. Click Select Image.
  2. A dialog box will open that is very similar to The Image Picker Dialog Box.
    • If you've already uploaded an image to your store server, select the image and click Select (1) Image.
    • If you haven't uploaded your image, click Add > Upload Images, upload the image, then click Select (1) Image.
Alt Text: The text that you enter in this field is mouseover (or hover) text. Customers will see this text when they let their mouse cursor rest on this image.

Sample Mouseover

Auto Sizing: See Auto Sizing.

Use this field to turn the image into a link. For example, if you set the Link Field to Product, when the customer clicks on the image you can redirect their browser to a specific product page.

Sample Mouseover

Link Target:

This field is only visible if you set the Link field to anything other than "None".

  • Self: The customer's browser window is redirected to the new page.
  • Blank: Opens a tab in the customer's browser to the link location.
  • Parent: If there was browser window that spawned the current browser window, the parent browser window will redirect to the new link location.
  • Top: Works the same way as "Self" unless the page is using frames.
    • If the Banner was in a frame, and you set the link target to "Self", the destination page would open inside the frame.
    • If the Banner was in a frame, and the target link was set to "Top", the entire page would redirect.
  • Other: Enter a custom link target. Only affects pages that use frames. If the Banner was in frame 1, you could put a custom link in this field and the destination link would open in frame 2.
CSS ID: CSS Class: These fields are mainly used by people who develop ReadyTheme. They give a ReadyTheme developer the ability to customize the placement or appearance of the image using css.

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