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Upgrading To PageBuilder

Released in 10.05.00

Miva’s PageBuilder experience is part of the 10.05.00 release. All customers who upgrade via the streaming update system will automatically get access to PageBuilder to create new content, marketing and landing pages.

There is nothing you need to do in order to start using PageBuilder!

The upgrade process does all the setup for you automatically so you’re ready to use PageBuilder to create new pages immediately with no template changes required.

On This Page

PageBuilder Upgrade Steps

The upgrade process for 10.05.00 performs the following steps for you automatically:

  1. 1. Installs the flex module and default components.
  2. 2. Creates the four default layouts with theme specific templates (Blank, Storefront, Marketing Layout 1, Marketing Layout 2).
    • If you’re using Shadows or Genesis, a Shadows- or Genesis-based template will be used.
    • If you’re using any other themes, a generic layout page template is created that is theme independent.
  3. 3. Installs required CSS and JS needed for the Page Builder Components to work.


The following Layouts are created for you automatically, which are used as starting points for creating new marketing pages: Blank, Storefront, Landing Page 1, Landing Page 2.

Default Layouts

PageBuilder Layouts: Learn more about how you can use Layouts as a starting point for your pages.

The results of all these steps is that once you’ve installed the updates for 10.05.00, there is nothing you need to do to start using PageBuilder for new pages. Just navigate to User Interface -> Content Management and click Create Page to get started.

Adding PageBuilder To Your Storefront Page

What If I Want to add PageBuilder to my Homepage and Other Existing Pages?

You’ll likely want to use PageBuilder on your Homepage and other pages to make it as easy as possible to update content on all your pages. There is some manual work and template changes required in order for you to use PageBuilder on existing pages.

The default PageBuilder pages for a new site built on Shadows include:

Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

Head to the Developer Section

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