Quoted Shipping

With the Manage Quotes module you can now provide customers with a customized shipping price within their quote. This enables you to add shipping method rules and restrictions to any custom shipping method you apply.

When the Mange Quotes module is installed, a Quoted Shipping setting is created automatically in Shipping Settings. This allows you to provide your customers with a specific Quoted Shipping price as part of their quote.

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On the quote screen there are now two buttons: Recalculate Discounts and Calculate Shipping.

Click the Calculate Shipping button to create a shipping quote. In the box that opens, in the drop down select Add Custom Shipping Method.

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You can edit the Display As field or leave it as is; Quoted Shipping is the default. Enter an amount for the shipping cost and click Apply to Quote. The quote now includes the quoted shipping cost.


It is important to remember to exclude all other shipping methords when you are using Quoted Shipping. If you don't, a customer could choose a different shipping method when they complete their purchase.

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When you convert the quote to an order, the Quoted Shipping value follows into Order Fulfillment. Likewise, when a customer accepts the quote and moves it to their shopping basket, the Quoted Shipping value is also available to them in the shipping selection section of the checkout process.


You can also change preset values to provide customers with a discount. For example, if you offer regular customers overnight shipping for $20, but you want to provide this specific customer with a 50% discount on overnight shipping, you would just select Overnight as the shipping method, but then in the Amount field you would cut the price $10.

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