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Install XML file for Product Custom Fields

The Levels Theme, in addition to the pkg file, also has an excel file that needs to be uploaded and installed. This excel file will allow you to:

  1. Add custom fields (or product flags) to your products such as “Free Shipping,” “New,” or “On Sale” or “Hot.”
  2. Add custom field at checkout called “Order Instructions.”
  3. Collect your customers IP Address.
  4. List what browser your customer was using when shopping.

Here’s how to install this file:

Click on “Menu,” then “Data Management.” Click “Import/Export”and select “Import Data and Settings in XML Provisioning Format.”

Import Data

Upload “Custom-fields.xml” from your downloads file.

Custom Fields


To Access New Custom Fields

  1. Go to Menu and click on “Catalog”
  2. Choose a product and click on the icon with the arrow to edit
  3. Click on “Custom Fields” - (if you don’t see Custom Fields, click on the “...” at the very right of the menu and the rest of the menu will appear.)
  4. Click on the “Product Flag” drop down menu, and choose which verbiage you want.
  5. Click Update




At checkout, the order instructions will appear for your customer like this:

Order Instructions

Under “Order Processing” you can click on any order, then click on the “edit” or pencil icon, and click on “Custom Fields.”

  • Here you’ll see the Order Instructions that your customer added when they placed their order.
  • Your Customers IP Address
  • The Browser they shopped from
  • Custom Fields

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