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Luxe ReadyTheme - Before and After

Miva has just released their new ReadyTheme called “Luxe.” Their ReadyTheme’s are an easy way to take your store online with minimal effort. I’m excited to try the theme out for myself and walk you through the process of just how easy it is to have a professional and highly sophisticated site in just a short period of time. Here’s the before and after we are shooting for:


Luxe ReadyTheme

Luxe Customized

Here’s the site I’m starting with. It’s the basic Base ReadyTheme that comes with all new Miva stores:

Base ReadyTheme

Install Your Theme

I’ll be taking the Luxe ReadyTheme and customizing it for my Mountain Gear store. Here’s how simple it is to install the theme.

Wella, I now have the Luxe ReadyTheme installed in my store. This process only took a couple minutes and now I have a great theme to work with. This alone is going to save me hours of coding and web work!

Note: Most of the customizing in this tutorial will take place under “ReadyTheme” in the Menu.

ReadyTheme Menu

Update Your Logo


Luxe Logo

Mountain Gear Logo

The first thing I want to do is update the logo. It’s super easy. Just click on the menu, scroll down to ReadyTheme and under the “Settings” tab you’ll see a field to upload a new logo. Simply click on it “Select Logo” upload your new one, and you’re done. Note: The logo on the bottom will also be replaced and resized with this same new image.

Update Hero Image


Luxe Hero Image

Mountain Gear Hero Image

The next thing I want to do is update the header image. In the ReadyTheme this is called the “Hero Image.” You can swap it out under the “Images” tab. Just click on the “Storefront: Hero Image,” then click on the pencil tool, navigate to your new header, upload it and wella, your new header image is up!

Update Featured Items 1 & 2


Neckties Featured

Hiking Boots Featured

Now I want to update the text and link on the Featured Items section.

Update Category Title

To update where it says “Neckties” you simply go to the “Navigation Sets” Tab. From there you click on “Storefront: Featured Shoes” item and then click on the “Edit Navigation Items” icon.

Whatever category you have chosen here, is what will replace the Neckties title.

Update Tagline

Click back on the “Navigation Sets” tab. Click on the “Storefront: Featured Shoes” item and then click on the Pencil icon. Now scroll down until you find the

tag and replace the text that’s there with what you want.



Featured Ties

Featured Boots

In the Luxe ReadyTheme they’ve made it so you can display multiple categories on the storefront page. Each one of these images can either be a product or a category title image. They do need to be transparent, so it might be easier to just create 8 category images to display what different products you sell in your store.

To update which categories to display, click on “Navigation Sets,” click on “featured_items_01,” then click on the “Edit Navigation Items” icon. Here’s where you can choose what categories you’d like to see displayed on the Storefront page.

For the image to show up you now need to add a Category Tree Image. You do this under the “Catalog” selection under the main menu. Click on “Categories” and then scroll down to “Category Tree.” upload your image and then it should show up on your storefront page.

Update Storefront Promo Block


Promo Ties

Promo Boots

Update the Photo Image

The next area I want to swap out is the “Storefront Promo Block.” I’ve created a new image and it’s super easy to replace. Simply go to the “Images” Tab, click on the “Storefront: Promo Image,” click on the Pencil tool, and then where it says “Image” click on the “Select Image” button and upload your new photo. You can also update the Headline for the promo image here under the “Alt Text:” field.

Update the Text

To update the text on the Promo Block simply click on the “Content Sections” Tab, click on “Storefront: Promo Block” and then click on the “Edit” or pencil tool. Search for the

tag, replace your text and then click “Save.”

Update Storefront Featured Category 1 & 2

Our last section on the storefront page is the Featured Category Images. There are 2. To swap those out just go to the “Images” tab, then click on either “Storefront: Featured Category 1 or 2” and swap out the images the same way you’ve been swapping out the prior ones.


Featured Categories

Featured Categories

Custom Fields

This dynamic ReadyTheme also comes with an additional excel sheet that allows you to be able to upload customized category images. For documentation on custom fields, click here.

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