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ReadyTheme Docs

Installing the Retro ReadyTheme

These instructions are for installing a ReadyTheme to a brand new store. If you have an existing store, please contact support.


  1. Go to your Miva 9 Admin, click on Menu, scroll down and select “User Interface.”
  2. User Interface

  3. Select Frameworks, click on the upload button, select “Upload-Overwrite.”
  4. Frameworks

  5. Go to your downloads file, open the ReadyTheme folder, and select the .pkg file, then select “Choose.”
  6. Package

  7. Click on your ReadyTheme, Click “Apply Framework.”
  8. Apply Framework

  9. Click the two boxes, “Overwrite Images” and “Overwrite CSS Files”, then click “Apply.”
  10. Apply Framework

  11. A secondary warning page will come up, go ahead and hit “Apply” one more time.
  12. Apply Framework

    Install Product Image Custom Fields

    This may or might not need to be done, depending on future updates for this theme. Go to Utlities, Add/Remove Modules and see if “Product Image Custom Fields” is in the “Available Modules” area. If it is, click on the install button. If it’s down below under “Installed Modules” then you can skip to the next step.

    Product Image Custom Fields

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