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Access New Custom Fields

1. Sub Category Display Image

2. Add Lifestyle Images to Products

Sub Category Display Image

(Recommended size for these images are 403 x 512)

This is a Sub Category Page. Each Category has a Custom Field that allows you to upload an image for it.

Sub Category

To access this Custom Field:
  1. Go to Menu and click on “Catalog”
  2. Click on the “Categories” tab
  3. Click on a category that you want to add a subcategory image for
  4. Click on the “Open Category” icon
  5. Click on the “Custom Fields” tab
  6. Click on the “Upload”icon next to “Subcategory Display Image”
  7. Choose your image, upload it and then click “Update”

Custom Field

Product Fields for Product Information Tabs

There are two custom product fields that are enabled in the Luxe ReadyTheme.

To populate these fields, open a product and click on the “Product Tabs.” For the Size Chart you can enter either an image or html code. For the Reviews tab, it would depend on which reviews module you were using in regards to what code you would place here.

Product Tabs

Order Instructions

Order instructions is automatically populated on the checkout page where the customer selects their shipping method. It is for the customer to fill out during checkout. If they add in any custom notes, they’ll get saved with the order under Custom Fields.

Order Instructions

IP and User Agent

These are used for tracking order specifics in the administration portal. They will show up in the order instructions at checkout and are just for informational purposes.

Add Lifestyle Images to Products

{Recommended Size is 960 x 1200)

Luxe allows you to add lifestyle images to your products. Here's how:

Lifestyle Images

Create New Image Type

First we have to create a new “image type.”

  1. On your menu click and scroll down to “User Interface.”
  2. Click on the tab that says “Image Types.”
  3. Click the “+” button to add a new type.
  4. Under “Code” type “lifestyle” and under “Description” type “Lifestyle Image 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.”
    (You can add as many as you'd like.)

Image Type

Add Lifestyle Image to Products

  1. Open a product and click on the "Images" Tab
  2. Click on the "Add Image" tab
  3. Click on the "Add" Tab
  4. Click on "Upload Image"
  5. Navigate to the image you want and click "Open"
  6. Click the drop down menu and select "Lifestyle Image 1"
  7. Image Type

  8. Click "Select Image"
  9. This will add a new tab to your layout called "Images"

    Images Tab

The tab and Lifestyle images will appear below the product.

Lifestyle Sample

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