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Install XML file for Product Custom Fields

The Storyteller Theme, in addition to the pkg file, also has an excel file that needs to be uploaded and installed.

  1. Click on “Menu” and then scroll down to “Data Management.”
  2. Click on “Import Data and Settings in XML Provisioning Format.”
  3. Import Data
  4. Click on “Choose File” and navigate to the Storyteller folder, choose the “Storyteller-custom-fields.xml” file.
  5. Choose File
  6. Choose “Open” and then hit the “Close” button once it’s uploaded.

Access Your Custom Fields

By adding the Custom Fields xml file you now have the ability to do two things:

  1. Add a Lifestyle (or “Story”) Image to each product
  2. Add Tabbed Content to each product
  3. Lifestyle Product
    1. Add a Story Image to each product:
    2. This image is optional. Note: The Site Background Image should be sized at 830 x 488 for best results.

      1. Click on a product and open it in the admin.
      2. Click on the “Custom Fields” Tab - If you have a lot of tabs, you might find this one under the ellipsis (...) Tab.
      3. Click on the “Upload” button, navigate to the lifestyle image you would like to go with that product, and upload it.
      4. Story Image
    3. Add Content to Product Tabs:
    4. There are 3 Tabs where you can add content for each product, Overview, Specification and Shipping.

      1. Click on the “Tabbed Content” tab. If you don’t see it, again, it might be under the ellipsis tab (...). You’ll see 3 tabs that you can now add content to. Place your information in the appropriate tabs, click the “Update” button and view your item in the store to make sure it’s appearing properly.
      2. Tabbed Content

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