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You can find the updated Miva 10 Reference Guide here

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Default HTTP/HTTPS Pages

The table below shows the way that pages in your store use SSL by default. You can change any page in your store to use or not use SSL, but this is way your pages are configured when Miva Merchant is initially installed.

Page Code Page Name
ABUS About Us
ACAD Customer Create
ACED Customer Edit
ACLN Customer Account
ACRT Customer Password Reset
AFAD Affiliate Create
AFCL Affiliate Login
AFED Affiliate Edit
BASK Basket Contents
BSKE Checkout: Basket Empty
CEML Change Email Address
CPWD Change Password Yes
CTGY Category Display
CTUS Contact Us
FPWD Forgot Password
INVC Invoice
LOGN Customer Login
MNTN Maintenance Mode
NTFD Not Found
OCST Checkout: Customer Information
OMIN Checkout: Minimum Purchase Required
OPAY Checkout: Payment Information
OPRC Order Already Processed
ORDH Order History List
ORDL Order: Customer Login
ORDS Order Status
ORHL Lookup Order History
OSEL Checkout: Shipping/Payment Selection
OUS1 Checkout: Upsell Product (Single)
OUSM Checkout: Upsell Product (Multiple)
PATR Missing Product Attributes
PLMT Product Limited Stock
PLST Product List
POUT Product Sold Out
PROD Product Display
PRPO Privacy Policy
SARP Shipping and Return Policy
SFNT Storefront
SRCH Search
UATM Upsell: Missing Product Attributes (Multiple)
UATR Upsell: Missing Product Attributes (Single)

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