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About Encrypting Payment Information

Encrypting Payment Info

  • Only the payment information is encrypted, not the entire order.
  • You can view encrypted payment information in the clear as long as you have the encryption key passphrase to decrypt the order. It is impossible to decrypt the data without your passphrase.
  • You cannot remove encryption from existing orders. Although you can edit an order and temporarily view the payment information in the clear, once you encrypt payment information in an order, the encryption is permanent.
  • Miva Merchant encryption works by having you create an encryption key. The encryption key is a long alphanumeric string that the software uses as a seed for the encryption algorithm. It's important that you have a copy of your encryption key stored somewhere securely. If you forget what your encryption key is, you won't be able to complete several tasks in Miva Merchant. Only you will know your encryption key and if you lose it or forget it, it can't be recovered, even by Miva Merchant staff.
  • The PCI standards require you to create a new encryption key every 365 days.

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