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Miva 10.01.00 Bug List

Bug ID Component Description
MM-10483Address ValidationAddress validation sends USPS international addresses even though the API doesn't validate them
MM-10482Address ValidationAddress validation sends UPS international addresses even though the API doesn't validate them
MM-10492Administrative InterfaceMivapay Field required errors should use the proper field name in the error.
MM-10810Administrative InterfaceOrder Item Add/Edit dialog: Item total is not displayed when the dialog is shown
MM-10493Administrative Interfaceduplicate simultaneous transaction can be placed when using mivapay in admin.
MM-10623Administrative InterfaceMMTextEditor: Escape while rich text has focus toggles fullscreen, rather than ending it
MM-10486Administrative InterfaceMMTextEditor: Scroll position changes on enter after scroll
MM-10593Administrative InterfaceProduct subscription input fields are too small to render text
MM-10499Administrative InterfaceData management: JS error when an import description is numerical.
MM-10487Administrative InterfaceBusiness Account Lookup Dialog throws JavaScript error on double click
MM-10545Administrative InterfaceMMListDetailOverlay doesn't resize to fit the window dimensions correctly on non list screens
MM-10546Administrative InterfaceMMScreen: Incorrect scroll position restored when exiting fullscreen when it was opened from the bottom of the page
MM-10757Administrative InterfaceScreen resets to the top of the page when a dialog is still open
MM-10218Administrative InterfaceSpecific Sale Price Displays incorrect values in the product batch lists
MM-10491AffiliatesAction_Affiliate_ResetPassword does not properly handle an invalid affiliate and should apply the failed password delay when throwing the affiliate_invalid_reset exception
MM-10403Core JSONPredicted discount prices do not reflect non-inventory attribute price/cost
MM-10627Core JSONJSON_AuthorizationFailureList_Load_Query needs an additional default sort column to break ties
MM-10808Core JSONShipping discounts applied as separate line items are duplicated when recalculating charges
MM-10572Core JSONJSON_XXXProductList_Load_Query functions will throw an SQL error if the same image type is passed more than once
MM-10672Core JSONJSON function Customer_Update does not correctly update address fields
MM-10663Core JSONBinary options return incorrect option_id in Inventory Kit Builder
MM-10634Core JSONAPI tokens should never allow spaces or colons, even if strict code validation is disabled
MM-10581Core RuntimeShip to and bill to address fields are not auto filled for customers on subsequent orders.
MM-10490CustomersAction_Customer_ResetPassword should include a failed password delay on invalid reset token
MM-10456Discounting SubsystemSubtotal checks for basket discounts of equal priority are inconsistently applied.
MM-10631FacetsFacetCategoryRulesList_Load_Query's default sort is ambiguous
MM-10587MMBatchListBrowser crash when deleting an attribute template from a product.
MM-10509MMBatchListEdit product: category assign list, Parent category column is always empty
MM-10579Module: applepayApple Pay Orders do not set the SKU field when used on the product page
MM-10323Module: authnetAuthorizeNet_First_Name input field is output with a trailing   for no good reason
MM-10531Module: avataxBaskets Level discounts are incorrectly being applied to shipping line items
MM-10630Module: chasepaytechDiners Club Cards need to include the CardSecValInd flag
MM-10441Module: cmp-cssui-custfieldsInvalid customer fields are not highlighted when they are invalid
MM-10683Module: cmp-cssui-custfieldsShip to country address field is not auto filled for non-customer shoppers on subsequent orders.
MM-10417Module: cmp-cssui-subscriptionfieldsChanging a shipping address when editing a subscription does not reload shipping methods
MM-10797Module: combofacetsCombination Facet with too many specified input values prevents proper filtering or load of product values and lower-priority facets
MM-10362Module: customfieldsRuntime search containing 2 or more words fails when a Multi-Text custom field is being searched
MM-10348Module: discount_addonAdd On Product Discount Module Incorrectly uses the non-discounted item price when calculating basket subtotal
MM-10681Module: discount_salepriceSpecific Sale Price: Custom field sorting does not work as expected when 2 or more sale price columns are displayed
MM-10342Module: mvcanadapostCanada Post: Only the "commercialInvoice" artifact is retrieved when using "Expedited Parcel USA" and 4x6 labels
MM-10508Module: packbycubePack By Cube: Items larger than the max box size have their weight incorrectly set
MM-10564Module: paypalcpInclude invoice_id in the PayPal createOrder call
MM-10582Module: paypalcpPayPalCP: Express Checkout should handle other positive basket charges during checkout
MM-10583Module: paypalcpPaypalCP: COD charge can be applied to the order during paypal express checkout.
MM-10461Module: paypalcpPayPal Commerce Platform: Field errors reference an incorrect tab
MM-10494Module: paypalcpProduct Page Version of Smart Buttons clears existing basket even if you never complete checkout
MM-10548Module: paypalcpSKU field is not set for an Order Item when the Product Page version of PayPal Buttons are used
MM-10472Module: paypalcpPayPalCP: Module does not properly detect accounts where credit cards are enabled after PayPal
MM-10686Module: readythemeReadyTheme: Multiple MvFOREACH iterators can cause fatal runtime errors
MM-10401Module: report_salesSales report module, Average Order Total always displays $0.00 when viewed on the dashboard.
MM-10764Module: shoptaxTax is not applied when the basket's "Sales Tax" method does not exactly match the configured "Sales Tax" method
MM-10458Module: squareSquare connection contains a spelling mistake
MM-10759Module: statetaxTax is not applied when the basket's state value does not exactly match the configured state tax value
MM-10349Module: templatefeedTemplate Feeds: Product prices should fallback to manual discount prediction if a product price has not already been predicted
MM-10570Module: upsdevkitAdd AddrValidateXML to the UPS tools during registration
MM-10626Module: upsdevkitUPS License endpoint - HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
MM-10569Module: upsxmlUPS Developer Kit: Missing type casts creates errors in PostgreSQL
MM-10796Price GroupsCoupon use counts are not always handled correctly when assigning or unassigning a coupon from an order
MM-10794Price GroupsUnassigning a coupon that does not discount shipping will remove existing shipping discounts and fail to recalculate shipping on an order with a non-coupon shipping discount
MM-10688Price GroupsPriceGroupAndModuleList_Load_Basket_Coupons should check to see if the basket is a provisional basket
MM-10774ProvisioningCalculateCharges sub-tag of Order_Add does not apply the configured handling charge
MM-10778ProvisioningOrder_Add incorrectly includes canceled items in the order total
MM-10760Shipping/Packaging RulesRemove Basket_Update_Shipping call from ShippingMethodList_Load_Basket_LowLevel
MM-10595SubscriptionsSubscription Term ID is incorrectly output in the ProductSubscriptionTermList_Load_Query response
MM-10418SubscriptionsSubscriptions linked to a shipping method with a minimum basket subtotal may fail
MM-10798Template SubsystemJSON_ChangesetList_Load_Query_Search_Filter should not return between the SQL_Query_SUB_WHERE_BEGIN/END calls
MM-10451Template SubsystemMMDialog: "Center in display" behavior doesn't take into account autoheight on show
MM-10439Template SubsystemAssignment of items to a page should go back to calling Page_Update after an item is assigned / unassigned
MM-10389Wish ListsVariant Product added to the basket via the Wish List get the incorrect sku.

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