Miva Employee PageBuilder Competition

It’s time to experience PageBuilder! We want to give everyone at Miva the opportunity to see the power of PageBuilder and the creativity it unlocks for marketers! We feel that using PageBuilder is the best way to really understand how impactful it will be for our customers. PageBuilder gives anyone, regardless of technical experience, the ability to create new landing pages for promotions, update content on their home page or create and manage content pages, all from an intuitive, easy to use interface.

Below are the steps to take to participate, timelines, how judging will work and prizes.


Welcome fellow marketer! As a member of the marketing team for Acme, Inc. you have been tasked with creating a new promotional page for your company. You can choose from 1 of the following 3 scenarios.

  1. 1. Hardware & Tools – BLACK FRIDAY LANDING PAGE - It’s Black Friday, and your task is to build a dedicated landing page for all the hardware deals your business is offering. Using at least five PageBuilder components, create a beautiful landing page that shows off your products, indicates the discounts available, and has a look and feel that will appeal to your brand’s specific audience.
  2. 2. Home Goods – STOREFRONT - You are a marketer for a home décor store, and you need to create a new storefront for your business using at least 4 PageBuilder components. This page should be very visually appealing and communicate what this business’ products, style, and customer are all about. Use a variety of popular sections such as promotional graphics, featured products, and categories, choosing from the included assets or providing your own
  3. 3. Beauty & Skincare – BRAND LANDING PAGE - Your Beauty & Skincare store is launching a new brand called "Ren Skincare." Create a dedicated landing page to inform shoppers about the brand, its products/benefits, who it’s for, and overall house style. Be sure to include the most compelling products and categories.

All the graphics, copy and products have been provided for you, but its up to you to leverage PageBuilder to accomplish your goals! The more creative the better!

Getting Started

Watch this video below before getting started

Login into Miva Store

We will all be using the same Miva store to build our landing pages. You will need to be connected to OpenVPN to access the store. Click here to view the login credentials, then click the link within and enter the provided account and password.

Create Your Own Template Branch

Start by creating a template branch and entering your full name. Make sure you're always on your own branch before making any changes!

Create Your Landing Page

Navigate to User Interface -> Content Management -> Click Create Page to get started.


Due to a bug in this current build, anytime you are adding or removing components from your page, save the page then exit out of page builder and reopen your page. That will ensure the latest component data is loaded before you start making any edits to the component values themselves.

Judging & Prizes

Everyone who participates (and we hope everyone does) will be entered into a raffle to win an Apple iPad.

There will be two additonal categories to win:

There is nothing to submit once you are finished. Your template branch with your name will be your entry. All entires must be completed by 11/10/2022. Winners will be announced at the huddle on Friday 11/11/2022

Additional Resources

Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

Head to the Developer Section

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