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Videos | Mivapay 5 - Offering Discount Pricing for Subscription Products

Its often good practice to offer subscription options that save customers money over just buying one off purchases. This video walks you through to process of doing just that.
ver.9.6 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we're going to look at how you can offer discount pricing to subscription products in your store.

Here we are in the "Edit Products" screen of an example product in my test store. It's a magazine product, called "Miva Monthly" and it's set up with a 12 month subscription term. This product costs $5 an issue, except we want to offer a discount to customers who chose to purchase a subscription to this magazine. Let's say we want subscribing customers to save 15% off the full retail price. As with all discounts, configurable within Miva, we'll want to go into the Marketing area of the Admin where we'll be leveraging the power of Price Groups. Here are a number of price groups already set up in this test store. We won't configure a price group from scratch in this video. Watch our Price Groups videos if you want to know more about setting up a Price Group from the beginning. In this video, we're merely going to add a subscription to an existing Price Group we've already set up in this store. Here's the one we're looking for.

We can see it's configured to offer 15% off the product price. If we focus on this price group by clicking on it, you will see some contextual buttons that will appear that pertain to the configuration of this price group. There are two buttons that pertain to what we're trying to do. Qualifying subscriptions and discounted subscriptions. Let's add the magazine subscription item to both of these and then we'll explain what it all means. Let's click into qualifying subscriptions and do a search for Miva Monthly and we'll assign this product to Qualifying Subscriptions and then we'll repeat this process with Discounted Subscriptions. So now, once the magazine subscription is added to the shopping basket, then the magazine subscription gets that 15% discount. Here on the product page, we can see that this product is listed at full price at $5 an issue, but if we add the subscription of the magazine to our basket, we'll see that the discount kicks in and we're saving 15% off of the retail price. And that's how you use MivaPay and Price Groups to set up Discount Pricing for Subscription Products in your store.

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