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Videos | Mivapay 6 - Subscription Management

Watch this video to learn how to manage the subscriptions that come into your Miva Merchant store.
ver.9.6 and later

Video Transcript

Back in Part 4 of the MivaPay video series we looked at the main steps in configuring a product in your Miva Merchant store so that customers could opt to purchase it as a subscription product. In Part 5 of the series, we looked at how to offer discount pricing to subscription products and in this video we'll explore how subscriptions can be managed both from a customer and a store Administrators perspective. This is the perspective of the customer. We're currently logged in to our Customer Account screen. On the left hand side of the screen we can see a pane showing the customers digital wallet for this store. Here we can see a link related to subscriptions this customer has purchased. Clicking this link takes us to their "Manage Subscriptions" page where we can see that they have one subscription that's associated to this customer's account. They are able to view the details of this subscription such as when their subscription will reorder again, what the subscription terms are, and how much their subscription terms cost and if the subscription product is configured in the admin to allow it, the customer will see a button here that will allow them to edit this subscription.

If configurations allow, the customers will be able to choose a new order date, modify their terms, change their shipping details, their payment method, and how many subscriptions they are ordering. They can also cancel the subscription with a click of this link here. Which changes a customer can make on this subscription edit page is determined by the settings you chose to configure in the Store Admin. Since we're looking at this Subscription Test product, let's go into the Store Admin and pull up the "Edit Product" screen for subscription test. If we scroll down to the tab section called Subscription Settings, here we can see a few settings that start with the word "Allow." These are the settings that make it possible for customers to edit their subscriptions. So, you'll want to check or uncheck these options accordingly. While we're on the "Edit Product" screen for this product, we can view a list of all subscriptions that have been ordered for this product. To do that, scroll back to the top of the screen and click into the "Subscriptions" tab. From this screen we can see that there are currently four separate subscriptions for this particular product. To get an overview of all subscriptions for all products in your store, you can click into the "Order Processing" screen and then click on the "Subscriptions" tab here. Here we can see a batch list of all subscriptions. We can quickly review their details, such as what products these subscriptions are for, how many orders are left for each subscription, their terms, when the subscription's last triggered an order, and when they will trigger the next reorder. You can also see the payment methods, the shipping details, and the status of each subscription. If we double click a subscription, we can change the shipping address, the payment card information, the quantity ordered, the terms and the next order date. We can also cancel the subscription by clicking on this "Cancel" button here. If we look at this subscription in patticular, we can see that it's slated to retrigger an order on June 29, which means that when June 29 rolls around, a new order will be generated over here in the "Orders" tab inside of Order Processing so that it can be processed by a staff member alongside all of your other orders in your store.

If needed, this page has some sorting functionality to help you manage your subscriptions. You can sort by "Upcoming" or "Status." Selecting "Upcoming" will allow you to view just subscriptions scheduled to trigger in the next "X" number of days. You can also click on "Exact Dates" to chose a custom date range for your filter. If you select "Status" you'll be able to view just orders that have either the active, cancelled or error status'. Let's choose "Error." We can now see that there are currently two subscriptions that are erring out in this store. The error will keep these subscriptions from triggering normally so that orders will not be generated for these subscriptions unless the errors are first resolved. I can double click into any of these subscriptions and it will tell me more about the issues causing this error. A common issue you may run into is if a customer credit card used for a subscription expires while the subscription is active, whatever the issues is, you may want to reach out to the customer of this subscription. which you can do so by selecting the subscription in this batch list and clicking on the "View Customer" button up top. This takes you to the "Edit Customer" page where you can access their contact information from the Shipping/Billing information tab. Also, if you click into their payments you can update their credit card information while you have them on the phone. Once you've corrected their credit card information, you can return back to the Order Processing Subscriptions tab, select the subscription you were working on and then click on the Process button to reinstate the subscription status to "Active." And that's a look at Managing Subscriptions in Miva Merchant.

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