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Videos | Adding Images To Products

Learn the optimal way of adding images to your products so that they display on both product and category pages.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we're going to show you how you can add product images to your products in your Miva Merchant store using an image machine. Image Machine allows you to take advantage of additional functionality inside of your Miva Merchant store, like being able to have multiple images for each of your products, and having a zoom feature when you click on a product image. Before you can use image machine, you have to have an image type of “Main” set up in your store. To see if you have the image type of “Main” set up in your store, click into “User Interface.” From here click into the “Image Types” tab, and you should have a line item called “Main.” If you don't, go ahead and add one now by clicking on this “+” button. Since my test store already has a main image time set up, I'm going to go ahead and click into catalog. The product I'll be working on today will be called “Black Boots.” If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you'll see a section called legacy images. This is the old way of doing things and it isn't the topic that we’re covering in this video, so don't upload anything from here. Instead scroll to the top of your “Edit Product Page,” and click into the “Images” tab. Let's go ahead and add some images by clicking on this “Add Images” button. From here, click on the “Upload” button and browse to the files that you want to upload.

You’re able to select multiple images by holding down the Control Key on a PC or a Command Key on the Mac. Go ahead and click the images you want to upload and then click the “Choose” button. You'll see a brief animation as the files you chose get uploaded to the server. Notice that each of the files are labeled as Image type “None.” I want this image to be the Main image, so I’m going to click on this drop down and select it to be Image Type “Main.” Once you're done uploading your images, click on the select images button on the bottom right corner. When you want to check your work you can do so by clicking on this “More” button on the top right. Click on it and select “View on Live Store.” If you uploaded multiple images for this product you can cycle through the different images by clicking on their various thumbnails. You can also zoom the image you’re focusing on by clicking on the large image itself. There's one more thing I want to cover in this video and for that I'm going to go into this boots category. This is the Black Boots product that we've been working on and notice that there is no image displayed on the category page for this Black Boots product. That's because by default Miva Merchant uses the products “Legacy” thumbnail image to load a product image on a category display page. It's easy to fix with a simple settings change. Let's go back into the store admin and click on “Menu” and “User Interface.” Let's edit the category display page and when you scroll down you'll see a drop-down field for image. At the moment it's set to “Thumbnail.” Go ahead and change it so it's set to “Main” and click “Update.” Now when we go back to the category display page and refresh, we’ll see the products image which is flagged as “Main” load on this page.

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