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Videos | Adding Parent And Child Categories

In this video we walk through the steps of adding categories to your store as well as explore the concept of parent and child categories.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video I want to show you how you can sort your categories based on category hierarchy and talk about the concepts of Parent and Child Categories. Categories can be found in your Store Admin by clicking into the “Catalog” and then clicking into the “Categories” tab. I'd like to create a few new categories which can easily be done by clicking on this “Add Category” button. First I'll create an Instrument Category. I just need to give it a category code and a category name. I can click this “Add” button to save this category, but since I have another category I want to add I'll go ahead and click “Add More.” They will save this current category to my store and allow me to immediately add a second category. My second category are for drums, so I'll give it a category code of “Drums” and also a category name of “Drums.” Drums can be classified as Instruments and make sense to make this category a child category of Instruments. You'll notice that there's a field here called Parent Category. Click this “Look Up” button and manually select the category I want to set as the Parent Category. I'll click “Add” to save my work.

To see this Parent-Child relationship at work, I can click on this “More” button and click “View on Live Store” here. You can see Instruments and underneath Instruments is my Child Category “Drums.” If I click on the home screen, notice that I don't see the child category because it's collapsed into the parent category, but if I click on Instruments, it will reveal all of my child categories. At this time there's only drums. If you look up here, we can also see categories called Guitars, Keyboards and Kazoos which can also fit under the parent category of Instruments. So let's go back into the Store Admin and set that up. This time I want to go into this Category list. Notice that by default you can see the code column and the name column. You can choose which columns get shown on this screen by clicking on this icon here. Let's go ahead and checkmark the parent category column and now that we have this parent category column, we can edit the parent categories for categories right on this screen. I'm going to double click this column for Guitars, click the “Search” button and select Instruments. I could also copy this value here and hit “Return” double click Keyboards, paste, hit “Return” and then finally Kazoos, paste and hit return. Now when we go back to the store all of these categories are considered child categories to Instruments.

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