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Videos | How To Apply Discounts to All Products in a Specific Category

In this video we show you how to configure a Price Group to apply discounts to all products in a particular category.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we're going to show you how to configure a Price Group to apply discounts to all products in a particular category. The process we’ll be covering in this video works great, if for instance, you were a clothing store holding a sale on just your shirts. The first thing you'll need to do is click into the “Marketing” area of the Miva Merchant Admin. Here we’ll need to create a new Price Group by clicking on this “+” button. We’ll name it “Shirt Clearance Sale” and this sale will be available for “All Shoppers” that come to this Miva Merchant store. For the type of Price Group we’ll want to select “Product Discount.” Let's say the sale will take 25% off of the products that are on sale and once the Price Group is configured the way we want it, we can click on the “Save” button down here to save the Price Group to the store. We now have a new Price Group called “Shirt Clearance Sale,” which will discount the target products by 25%. But, in this current state, no products have been targeted for discounting yet. We can do that by clicking on the Price Group to select it and then clicking on the Discounted Products button on top. Here we get a modal that lists out every product in the store. We need to filter this list down to just products in the shirt category. To do this, click on the hexagon button on the upper right corner called “Search Settings” and choose “Advanced Search” Scroll down until you see “Category” and choose “Products in Category.” Let's click the “Lookup” button. Here we have a batch list of all of our categories and we want to select the “Shirt Category.” Now we have an Advanced Search configured to find all of the products in our shirts category. Let's click on the “Search” button to execute the search. We're left with a list of just shirt products. Click on any of the shirts in the batch list and press “Command A” or “Control A” if you're on a PC to select all, then click on the “Assign Records” button on top which looks like a “+” sign in a box. All of the selected shirt products will now be assigned to this price group. Here we are on the Product Display page for this $10 shirt. If we add this shirt to our shopping basket, you'll see that it's discounted by 25%, reducing the price to $7.50. And that's how you apply discounts to all products in a specific category.

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