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Videos | The Catalog Overview

New to Miva Merchant 9 is The Catalog, which is the place for managing all of your products and categories in your store.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we're going to take a look at a new section in the Miva Merchant 9 Admin which we call the catalog. The catalog can be accessed by clicking on this icon here in the quicklinks box or by clicking into the menu button on the top left and clicking on this list item. There are a number of different areas in the old Miva Merchant Admin that just made sense to put together. In your catalog, you will be able to manage your products, your categories, your attribute templates, your inventory and image types. Let's go back to the Products tab. Notice by default that there are two columns in this Products area; the code column and the name column. You can sort the order of your records by clicking on your column names. You can tell if you're sorting by ascending or descending by a “-”sign or a “+” sign next to the column name. You have more sorting options on the upper right section of this page. This button allows you to sort your records by name ascending, name descending, code ascending, or code descending. This button allows you to manually sort your records by numeric value and this button pulls up a list of all of the other sorting options available. Notice by default that there are only two columns shown here. You can add or remove additional columns by clicking on this last button on the right. Each column has a handle that you can grab to modify its width. And if you click and hold on a Title Header, you can reorder the column as you see fit. Change you make for how the catalog is displayed are saved automatically. So if I leave and come back to the catalog, it will still look exactly as I left it. The customized view is saved on a user basis so each user can have their own tailored view as their needs require.

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