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Videos | Configuring Marketplaces - Amazon

If you use Amazon to sell products online as well, you can download Amazon order info into Miva Merchant so you can manage and fulfill Amazon and Miva Merchant orders all in one location.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Miva Merchant allows you to connect your online store with other online marketplaces like amazon.com. If you use Amazon to sell products online as well, you may want to consider configuring your Miva Merchant store so that order details get pulled in from Amazon into Miva Merchant. This way you'll be able to manage and fulfill Amazon and Miva Merchant orders all in one location. To take advantage of this functionality, you have to first install the Marketplaces Module into your Miva Merchant store. Click into the Utilities area of your Store Admin and then click on the “Add/Remove Modules” tab. Look for the module called “Marketplaces” and make sure that it's installed by clicking on it “Install” button. Once installed it will appear bold in your menu list on the left as well as the Quick Links pane on the Home screen. Click into it and then click the “Configure Settings” button for “Sell on Amazon.” From here, we’ll click into the Accounts tab so that we can enter in your Amazon Seller's Account information. Click on the “+” button and a modal pops up and it will ask for an Account Name as well as a Seller ID, a Marketplace ID and an MWS Authorization Token. The account name is more of a label, not so much a setting; so it can be anything you'd like that will help you remember which Amazon account you've configured. As for Seller ID, Marketplace ID and MWS Authorization Token, follow these five steps here to log into your Amazon account to retrieve these items of information and then copy and paste them into their respective fields. You’ve now connected your Amazon Seller's Account to your Miva Merchant Store.

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