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Videos | Configuring eBay Listing Details

In part 2 of this Marketplaces eBay video series, we talk about Listing Details, what they are, and how to configure them.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Now that we have Marketplaces configured with your eBay account, we will need to set up at least one listing detail. Let's click into the Listing Details tab, Every time you create a new product listing in ebay, you have to assign it one of these details that we’ll configure on this screen, that way when you make a new product listing you will quickly be able to tell the system which eBay site you want to add the listing to, as well as other settings such as Shipping Payment and Return Policies the product listing will be using.

So let's create a few listing details here. We’ll start with a listing detail that will handle all the products we want to sell in the USA website. Click on the “Add Detail” button. We’ll call this detail, Standard US. We’ll need to enter in the Shipping Zip Code, as well as configure the Shipping Payment and Return Policies. These three policy fields have drop down menus with options that are being drawn from your eBay account settings. If you don't have at least one shipping payment and return policy set up in your eBay account, you won't see any available options to choose from for these fields. If that's the case, stop right now and log into your ebay account, go into your account settings and pull up Business Policy Settings and configure at least one shipping policy, one payment policy and one return policy. Once you have your detail configured the way you want, click the “Add” button to save it.

I also sell products on the UK eBay website as well as eBay Motors, so let's configure listing details for these sites as well. I'm going over this to show you how it's done, but obviously if you don't sell on eBay UK or Ebay motors, you don't have to do this part in your store. We’ll click on the “Add Detail” button again and call this one Standard UK. I use the same eBay account for UK sales, so we'll leave the account the same. If you have a different account, you will have to add it via the Accounts tab and then the second account will appear here in this list. Let's change the site to United Kingdom. We’ll change the currency to British Pound and then like before we have to type in the shipping zip code and define the shipping payment return policies and then click the “Add” button to save it.

Lastly, let's set up one more Listing Detail for eBay Motors. Click on “Add Detail.” We’ll call this one eBay Motors Detail. In the site drop-down we’ll have to select eBay Motors, declare our ZIP code and make sure our shipping policy, payment policy and return policy is configured the way we want and then click “Add” Now we have three different listing details configured with our Marketplaces eBay.

One thing I should mention, at the time of this recording our eBay Motors integration only supports the selling of motor parts and accessories. We do not currently support the selling of vehicles, but this is something that will be included into the Marketplaces module in a future update. Now that you have at least one listing detail set up, your store is now fully configured to use the Marketplaces module with your eBay account. In the next video will show you how to create an eBay product listing using the Marketplaces module in your Miva Merchant store.

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