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Videos | Creating Etsy Product Listings

This video shows you how to start create Etsy product listings from inside your Miva Merchant admin.
ver.9.6 and later

Video Transcript

Once you have connected your Miva Merchant store with your Etsy account, you're ready to start creating Etsy product listings from inside your Miva Merchant Admin. The first thing we'll need to do is prep a product for Etsy by configuring the products Etsy Listing Settings. For this example we’ll pull up my mug product. Once in the Edit Product screen for my mug, I want to go into the tab called “Marketplace, Etsy Listing Settings.” Here we'll find a field called Shop with a drop-down menu showing all of the Etsy accounts that we've configured in Miva. I've only set up one account, so that's the only one we see here and it's already selected. The title is already pre-populated with the products name, but you can override that if you want. For example, I can call this product a “Fancy Mug” on Etsy, leave the price the same, as well as the weight and the description. Let’s set quantity to 5, which means that there will only be five of these products made available for purchase on Etsy. For shipping template you'll see a drop-down list of all available shipping profiles. Note, that you need to have configured shipping profiles from inside your Etsy account, otherwise you will not see any options displayed here. If you haven't done that yet, login to your Etsy account and go into the your shop menu and click on “Shop Settings,” “Options” and then “Shipping Settings” to configure at least one shipping profile so that it appears in this list. For this example, I'll choose my standard shipping profile. Since this is a mug, for category we’ll choose “Housewares” and for Subcategory we’ll select “Kitchen” and then finally “Cup.” This is a finished product. We’ll say I made this test product and let's declare when this product was made. Down below we can add some tags to help people find this listing on Etsy. Let's give it a tag of “Ceramic Coffee Mug, Clay” and for material we’ll declare that it's made out of Ceramic. Finally, we need to select an image that we want to use for this Product Listing. Once we finish configuring the listing settings we can save our work by clicking on the update button on top.

Now, if we create a new Etsy Listing for this product, it will pull in all of these settings we've just set up to build a new Etsy Listing for us. Let's create one now by clicking into the Marketplace Etsy Product Listings Tab for this product. Here all we need to do is click on the Create Listing button and a new product listing will be created for this mug product on the Etsy website. The new listing will appear in the batch list on the screen. Here you can see the information for the listing like the listing name, the listing ID number, the status of the listing, how many products are left in the listing, the price of the listing, etc and if you want to see the listing itself, just click on this link here and you will be taken to the listing page on the Etsy website.

Lastly, I wanted to point out, here we are in the Edit Products screen for the mug product. Specifically, we’re in the Marketplaces Etsy Product Listings tab for this product. Here we can see all of the listings that we've got for this product. Right now we just have one listing. We could have more than one if you wanted. On the screen we will see all listings for this specific product, but if you wanted to see a high view of all of your Etsy product listings connected to products in your Miva Merchant store, you can do that by going into Marketplaces, Etsy and then clicking on the Listings tab. Here you'll find a comprehensive batch list of all of the Etsy product listings on this page.

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