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Videos | Creating and Managing Gift Certificate Codes

In this video we'll show you how you can create a single Gift Certificate Code, create Gift Certificate Codes in bulk, and how to Manage existing Gift Certificates in your Miva Merchant store.
ver.9.3 and later

Video Transcript

In the previous video, we showed you how you can set up a product that customers can purchase from your store that would generate a gift certificate code that can then be redeemed as customer credit in your store. In this video, we’ll show you how you can manually create gift certificate codes inside your Miva Merchant Admin and we'll show you how you can manage the existing codes that you have in your store.

To manage your gift certificates, log into your Miva Admin and click into Marketing. On the screen you'll see a tab for Gift Certificates. Clicking into this tab shows you a batch list of all of the gift certificates that you have in your store. This test store currently has six different gift certificate codes. Here we can see what each of the gift certificate codes are. We can see which order generated these gift certificates. We can see which products were purchased in the order that generated the gift certificate code. We can see when this gift certificate was created and we can see if the gift certificates are currently active. If a gift certificate code has been generated, but hasn't yet been redeemed by a customer who's logged into their account, then the gift certificate code will be considered active like this one is. If a gift certificate code has been generated and has been redeemed, then it will be flagged as “not active” like this gift certificate. You will also be able to see which customer account redeemed the gift certificate and what date the gift certificate was redeemed on. Lastly we can see the original credit value of the gift certificate when it was generated. You are able to manually generate gift certificate codes inside of your Miva Merchant Admin. You can create a single gift certificate code or you can generate a batch of multiple gift certificate codes at once. To create a single gift certificate click on this “+” sign. You will need to give the gift certificate a code. This is what the customer will punch in to redeem its credit value. It could be something custom, like happy birthday, or if you want to randomly generate the code you can click on this generate unique code button.

Lastly punch in the value of this gift certificate and then click save to add it to your store. The gift certificate is now active and can be redeemed for store credit by a customer. Remember this is the code that you would need to supply to the customer in order for them to enjoy this gift certificate. Now let’s show you how you can generate multiple gift certificates in bulk. First I will delete all of these existing gift certificates to make this tutorial easier to follow To generate multiple gift certificates click on this “+ Generate” button. We need to enter a value for these gift certificates. In this example I'll have it be $50. Next we need to tell the store how many gift certificates we want to create. In this example, I'll create 20. Click the generate button to create the 20 gift certificates. If you'd like to export this list of gift certificates for your records, click on a “Gift Certificate Record” and then press “Command A” or “Control A” if you are on a PC and then click on the “CSV” button. This will export all of your gift certificates into a CSV flat file which he can open up in a spreadsheet program. Your exported data will look something like this, which may make it easier for you to distribute the gift certificate codes. And that's how you manage gift certificates inside of Miva Merchant.

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