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Miva Merchant makes it possible for customers to have credit balances on their customer account in your store. Customer Credit appears as a payment option at checkout, allowing customers to apply their credit balance toward a purchase.
ver.9.3 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we’re going to be talking about Customer Credit which can be used like currency when shopping on your Miva Merchant store. Customer Credit is applied to a customer's account, so a customer must have a login for your store in order to use it. In order for you to offer account credit to your customers, you have to make sure that the customer credit module is installed in your store. To do that, log into your app and click into your “Payment Settings.” From here, click on the “...” and select the “Add/Remove Modules” link. Check to see that the Customer Credit Module is listed under “Installed Modules.” If it isn't, go to Available Modules and click on the “Install” button for Customer Credit. You’re now ready to use the Customer Credit functionality.

There are two ways for a customer to obtain credit in their account. A Merchant can manually add customer credit to an account from inside the Miva admin or a customer can log into their account and redeem a gift card code for customer credit. Let's go into the customer area and let’s click into the account for John. Once you're in the “Edit Customer” page for a customer, you'll see an “Account Credit” tab. Click on it. At the moment we can see that John has no customer credit in the store. To add customer credit, click on this “+” sign. In this example I'm going to give John a $100 credit and I'm going to explain that this credit is due to damaged products he received in a previous order. John now has $100 and customer credit for the store. Let's see what it looks like from a customer's perspective. I'm currently logged in as the customer John and have a product in my shopping cart and I'm ready to check out. On the shipping and payment selection screen I have access to all of the standard payment options, but since I have credit on my account I also have the option to check out using my credit balance. I just select it and I can proceed to the rest of the checkout process.Here we can see the total of my order was $38. When we go back into the Store Admin and have a look at John's account, we can see that the $38 purchase has been reflected under his account balance.

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