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Videos | Customizing Banners

Banners are a brief messages placed in strategic locations on your store pages used to inform your customers of specials or sales. This video shows you how to customize banners via the ReadyTheme area in the admin.
ver.9.4 and later

Video Transcript

The Miva Merchant software uses what we call "Banners" to make it easy for the less code savvy users to update text in different areas of the store. Depending on what ReadyTheme you have installed in your Miva Merchant Store, will determine how many banners come pre-installed in your store. For example, here we have the Iron and Wool ReadyTheme installed in this test store. Iron and Wool comes with two banners already set up in the store. Here we have the pre header promo message and down here we have the storefront promo message. To customize either of these banners you want to be in the Banners tab inside the ReadyTheme area of your Miva Merchant Store Admin. Here we can see the two banners, the pre header promo message and the storefront promo message. If I double click this banner a modal pops up displaying the contents of this message. Let me just copy this and paste it in my text editor. We can see that it's text that reads “Happenings in the Adventure Shop.” Let's go ahead and customize this message. This message is wrapped in some light HTML so that we can stylize the text. So in this example, I want to leave the HTML alone. I'm just going to highlight “Happenings in the” and change it to my own custom message. Let’s select “Adventure Shop” and I’m going to replace it with “Why aren't you” and finally I'm going to select and copy the snippet of code and paste it back in this message box and then click “Save.” Now when I go back to the storefront and hit “Refresh” the Storefront Promo Banner has been updated with my own custom message. “Adventure is out there... Why aren't you?”

Next let's have a look at the Preheader Promo Message. We’ll go back into the Store Admin and doubleclick the pre header promo message banner and right now this is a message that “We offer free shipping on orders over $50.” I want to change this message to highlight a sale that we’ll be having this weekend. I'm just going to select the message content and delete it and in its place I want it to say “All shirts are 25% off this weekend only.” If you look below the message box you'll see a drop down menu called link if you select it you can actually link this Banner to another section of your store in this example I want to link it to my shirts category so I'm going to select category in the drop-down and then I'm going to click lookup to find my shirts category I'll select it and click okay and finally click save to save my work now when I go back to the Storefront Page and hit “Refresh” the pre header promo message now says “All shirts are 25% off this weekend only.” Furthermore, if I mouse over it, you can see that this text is now a clickable link and when I click on this link it now takes me to my shirts category.

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