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Videos | Editing Multiple Records

Miva Merchant 9 optimizes the process of editing records in your store. Watch this video to learn how to speed up your workflow when managing multiple records.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video I want to show you how you can work with multiple records in your catalog. I'll just access the Catalog by clicking on this icon here. Whenever you're in a page in the Admin with a list of items like this, these items we refer to you as records. So this is a list of records of the different products in this store and this would be a list of records of the different categories in the store. When you mouse over one of these records an icon appears to the left. Clicking on it pulls up that record and you can edit its details from this Edit page. When you're done with your changes, you can click the “Update” button to save your work. You can get back to the Catalog by clicking this link here. You can select multiple records by clicking on this button here, which enters multiple records mode. In multiple records mode, each record gets a grey checkbox. Click on the box to select the records you want to work with. I'm going to click on this X to exit the multiple records mode. Alternatively, I can access a similar mode by clicking anywhere on a record as long as I'm not clicking on its “Edit” button.

I could select additional records by clicking on their grey boxes. Or I can click on a record to select the first record scroll down the list hold down the shift button and click a second record and every record in between will be selected. I can also click on one record and hold down the Ctrl key or the command key on a Mac and cherry-pick the records I want to work with. Lastly, I can click on a record and hold and then drag down to select multiple records. When I have multiple records selected, I can click this “Edit” button and edit all of the selected records from this page. I can use the tab key on my keyboard to tab between the different fields or shift tab to reverse tab between the fields. After I've made my changes, I just hit the Enter key to save my work. Double-clicking a record will allow you to quickly edit a single record from this page. And that's how you can edit records inside of the Miva Merchant Admin.

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