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Videos | Exporting Product Data

Miva Merchant allows you to export your store data in a flat file format for editing via a spreadsheet editor. In this video we show you how to export product information.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we will show you how you can export data from your store. For this example we will be working with products in this test store. To export data from your store, you want to log in to your Store Admin and click on the Data Management link. On the left of this screen you’ll be presented with options for importing data, and on the right you’ll be presented with options for exporting data. Let's go ahead and click on “Export Products to Flat File.”

On this page you can configure the file to include the information that you want. By default this file is called products.csv, but if you want to rename it you can do so here. By default when you export this information it gets uploaded to a file inside of your FTP, but you can click on this option if you want and the system will email it to an email address of your choosing. You can choose the format of the export file. Here you can see it’s comma delimited and it will include the field names as a header. You can choose to export products only in a specific category like so. You can pick and choose which product details you wish to include in this export. When you're done configuring the export file the way you want, go ahead and click the “Export” button on the upper right corner. If you chose to have the file emailed to you, login to your email to retrieve the file. Otherwise, you will have to log in to your server and download the file via ftp. You’ll want to browse to your Miva Data Folder, Merchant 5, click into the s number folder of the store you’re working with and then finally click into the “Export” folder. You'll find your export file here. You can open your file in a text editor, but most people prefer to open it in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Apple Numbers. Your export file should look something like this and contain all of the product information that you chose at the time you exported your information.

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