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Videos | Free Shipping

Learn how you can offer free shipping to your customers. In this example video we setup free shipping to become available to customers with purchases over $100.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we're going to show you how you can offer your customers Free Shipping using the Price Groups feature found inside of Marketing in your Miva Merchant Admin. You can get to the Marketing area by clicking on the Quick Links button. We're going to add a new Price Group by clicking on this “Add Price Group” button which looks like a plus sign. I'm going to give it a name. I want to offer Free Shipping to customers who have at least $100 worth of product in their basket. I want to offer this discount to all shoppers, so I'm going to change eligibility from “Specific Customers” to “All Shoppers.” In the type drop down menu, we're going to select “Shipping Discount Entire Order.” Now, if I scroll down a little bit I'm going to see a field labeled “Restrict to Basket Subtotal” right here. This part's important because at the moment it's set to 0. I want to change this from “0” to say ”100” and now this price group discount will only be triggered if the basket sub total is at least $100.

Scrolling back up here where it says Method Discounts, it's going to show you a list of all of the different shipping options you have configured in your store. In this test store I have three shipping options: UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Ground. For this example I'm going to modify the UPS ground option so that if this price group gets triggered, it’s going to swap out the UPS Ground option with my free shipping option. To do that I'm going to change this fixed value to percent and change 0 to 100. So now, at checkout when this price group gets triggered, instead of having a UPS Ground option with a dollar value, it’s going to discount whatever that dollar value is by 100%, essentially zeroing it out. I'm going to leave UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air alone so that customers can still pay if they opt for the faster shipping.

When this price group gets triggered, there are a number of locations in the store that the customer will be able to see that they are being offered this discount. One such area would be the dropdown list when they are selecting their shipping options.You can control how this discount is displayed in that dropdown under this method selection area. If you wish to display this discount, make sure this box is checked. You can choose to not name the Shipping Method Name. You can append a description to it like “Free Shipping for UPS Ground,” or you can chose to Replace Shipping Method Name with your own text, for instance, “Free Shipping!” Once the customer selects this shipping option and continues through the checkout process this discounted shipping method will be displayed in their basket and you have control with how it gets displayed as well. Now let’s add something to our shopping basket to check our work.

I’m going to buy 9 shirts valued at $10 a piece which brings my basket total to $90. If I go through checkout I should only see the standard shipping options available to me. But, if I go back and add just one more $10 shirt, it’s going to push my basket total to $100 and now when I go to checkout again, this $100 subtotal is going to trigger my Free Shipping Price Group. So now we see “Free Shipping!” at $0, where this used to be UPS Ground, but it’s being overridden because I have a subtotal of $100 in my basket and it says “Free Shipping!” because that's what I typed in under Method Selection. Let me select that and continue. At this final screen I see Shipping UPS Ground $0. I have a number of options in which I can configure how this Free Shipping is displayed on the screen.

Let's go back into the admin and you will find while editing this Price Group there's an area called “Display in Basket.” By default it does display the reflected discount, but it doesn't change the description. I can append to the description. For instance have its say “Discounted” or I can replace the description entirely. For example, “Free Shipping!!” When I refresh the screen UPS Ground Shipping description goes away being replaced with the words “Free Shipping!!”

Lastly I also have the option of displaying both the shipping description as well as a separate line item for the discount. So let me remove this by bubble in “Add a Charge Showing the Discount Amount” is going to remove the bubble for “Modify Applied Charge to Reflect Discount.” If I wanted to add my own custom text here I can. Let me scroll down and save. Then when I go back to the store and refresh the screen I see a line item for UPS Ground which is valued at $10.87 and I see another line item with my custom text here and it's valued at negative $10.87 essentially zeroing out my shipping fees. That's how you can set up Free Shipping inside of Miva Merchant 9.

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