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Videos | Free Shipping On Select Products

Want to offer free shipping on just some of your products? You can do that by following these simple steps.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video I'm going to show you how you can configure your store to offer free shipping on specific products in a customer's basket. Now for me to demonstrate this example I'm going to configure my shipping rules in a way that makes this example a little easier to follow. So let me go ahead and click into “Shipping” and I'm only going to turn on one shipping method at this time, which will be the weight table based shipping. So let me click into that and I'm going to add a shipping method, “Custom Weight Shipping” and I'm not going to give it any sort of handling fee. I’m just going to hit enter to save my work and I'm going to add one row in this table. It's going to be a rule for any orders that are a thousand pounds or less and I'm going to charge the Shopper $0 for any orders $1,000 pounds or less. To make this video easier to follow I'm not going to charge anything for shipping here. I'm only going to be charging shipping on a per product level. Let me show you what I mean by going into the “Edit Product Screen” of the first of the two products we’ll be working with. The first product will be the black boots product I have and in the Edit Products Screen for black boots, if I click this collapsed menu here I'm going to see a new tab that wasn't here before, called “Weight Table Shipping Charges.” This gets added when you activate the Weight Table Shipping module. So let’s click into that and here I can tell the store that if a customer adds these black boots to their basket and checks out they can select the Custom Weight Shipping fee and it will charge them $5 to ship these boots.

Now let me pull up another product really quick. This time it's going to be my $10 shirt. I'm going to go into the weight table shipping charges as well for this product and I'm going to say that I want to charge $10 shipping which is controlled by my custom weight shipping option that I configured. So let me just go to my store really quick. I'm going to add the black boots to my basket and then I'm going to add the $10 shirt to my basket as well. Now when I go through checkout, it should give me the option to check out with that shipping option we created and it will charge $5 for the black boots and $10 for the $10 shirt, for total of $15. So let's just get to that page really quick. Here we are and the shipping rate that we configured is offering to ship these two products combined for $15. Now that we understand that $5 of this shipping fee is being attributed to black boots and $10 is being attributed to the shirt let me show you how you can configure a price group in Miva Merchant 9 to offer free shipping on specific products in your store.

Let's go back into the Store Admin and we're going to go into the Marketing area of the Admin and we need to create a new Price Group. To do that you just click on this “Add Price Group” button it looks like a plus sign. I'm going to give this price group name of “Free Shipping on All Boots” and under Eligibility I want to offer this price group discount to “All Shoppers” and the type of price group will be set to “Shipping Discount Eligible Products Only.” If you scroll down these settings you'll see a section called “Method Discounts” and it lists out all of your possible shipping options you have configured in your store. In this example store I only have Custom Weight Shipping, which is why it's the only one listed here. For Custom Weight Shipping I'm going to change the discount from Fixed. I'm going to change it so that it says Percent and I'm going to make it 100, so this is going to offer a 100% discount for any products I specify if the customer chooses Custom Weight Shipping as their preferred shipping method. Next I want to scroll down and click “Save” and that will add the price group to my store. Lastly I have to tell the store which products I want this price group to apply discounts to. To do that I'm going to focus on this price group by clicking on it once. It's going to reveal a button called “Discounted Products” Click on that and since I want to apply this discount to all boots in my store I'm going to do a search for boots and click on any one of these records that the search returns. I'm going to hit “Control A” or “Command A” on a Mac to select all records on this screen and then click on this “+” sign in a box which assigns all of the selected records to this price group. Now I have all of my food products in my store flagged as discounted products for the free shipping on all boots price group. Let me just close out of this modal window and when I go back to the store page and hit refresh my shipping fee should change from $15 to just $10 because it will only be calculating shipping fees for just the shirt and it will disregard the $5 shipping fee the black boots would have added to the total. Let me just click refresh and as you can see the shipping fee drop down to $10. And that's how you can set up free shipping on specific products in your store.

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