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Videos | Generating Coupons In Bulk

This video shows you how you can generate unique coupon codes in bulk. Great for Groupon or Amazon Local campaigns.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we’re going to walk you through the steps of automatically generating multiple coupons in bulk. Each coupon that gets automatically generated will be unique to itself, so you can give these any coupons to different shoppers and their coupons will be individual to them. If you're familiar with services like Amazon Local or Groupon, this functionality will be ideal for campaigns you set up for services like those. To get this setup you will want to log into your Miva Merchant Store Admin and click into “Marketing.” As we covered in the previous video, coupons inside of Miva Merchant don't actually handle any of the discounting. All discounts are handled from a Price Group level. You create a Price Group and you configure it so that it offers the discount you’re looking for to the customers and coupons is the vehicle which allows customers to become eligible for a Specific Price Group and its discounts.

So first let's create a Price Group. I’ll call this Price Group “Groupon 35.” By default eligibility is set to “Specific Customers.” I’m going to change this so that this price group is only eligible for “Coupon Only.” The Type will be a “Basket Discount” and I'm going to change this to a “Percentage” so shoppers who fall under this Price Group will enjoy 35% off of their basket total. So to recap, this Groupon 35 Price Group is set up so that it is only eligible to people with a coupon and the type of discount that they will receive is a basket level discount for 35% of the total basket value. Let me go ahead and save this price group and next we can go into this Coupons tab to generate our coupons. Normally when setting up coupons on this page you would click on this plus button here, but since we're going to be generating multiple coupons in bulk I want to click on this “+ Generate” button. If you mouse over it you can see it says “Generate Unique Coupons.” When generating new coupons the first thing you need to decide on is what coupon code you want shoppers to be typing in to submit their coupon. Here I'm going to type “SAVE35.” Notice that next to this field that I'm typing in our sequence of x's. Those X's will be replaced with a combination of randomly generated numbers and letters, which you will see in just a moment. I'm going to give this coupon a description. I'm going to leave eligibility to “All Shoppers” so any shopper that punches in a valid coupon will be able to receive the discount. I want to create 30 unique coupons. Under “Discount to Apply” I want to change this to the Price Group that we created called “Groupon 35.” So now these coupons we are generating will be associated to that Groupon35 Price Group. By default each unique coupon can be used only once and also each shopper can only use their coupon once. Let's go ahead and click this “Generate” button and you can see that the store automatically outputted 30 unique coupons based off of the Save35 coupon code I typed in. If you look to the right of this table you can see two columns called “Active” and “Usage Count.” As long as a coupon is flagged as Active, a customer can use it. A coupon might become inactive if for instance the usage count number here exceeds what you configured under Max use or Max use per customer. It can also become inactive if you've configured dates for the coupon it began and when the coupon expires. Let’s go ahead and copy this coupon here and just to show you that it does work I'm going to start to any basket session and add some boots to my basket. When I punch in the coupon code and hit redeem, you can see I get $35 off of my basket total, which is 35% of $100. And that's how you generate multiple coupons in bulk inside of Miva Merchant 9.

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