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Videos | Manage Products And Orders For Amazon MarketPlaces

Once you have your Amazon account configured in your store, you will be able to manage products and download order information from your Amazon Marketplace, into your Miva Merchant store. Watch this video to learn how.
ver.9.4 and later

Video Transcript

Once you have Amazon Marketplaces configured in your Miva Merchant store, you will be able to download order information from your Amazon Marketplace. Note, that when pulling in order information from Amazon to Miva Merchant, there is a setting that controls how this functionality behaves. If you click into the settings tab, you'll see a drop down field labeled “Order Import,” You have three options to configure this; you can configure it to not import any Amazon orders into Miva Merchant, import only Amazon orders that have at least one matching product in the order details, or you can import all Amazon orders into Miva Merchant. For now, will configure it so that only Amazon orders that have matching products in Miva Merchant will be pulled into the Miva Merchant Admin.

Since it's configured in this way, let's map an Amazon product listing to an existing product in your Miva Merchant store. To do that, we’ll click into the listings tab click on the “Add Amazon Product” button and we’ll do a search for a product that already exists in my Miva Merchant store. So if I type Vita, we get a return for a vitamin pen product. This is a vitamin pen product that's in my catalog in my Miva Merchant store. If I do a search for it up here, this product is a product that we're seeing in the search result down here. We’ll click the “Add” button and then we'll need to map this Miva Merchant product to an existing product listing in our Amazon seller's account. We can do a search for that by typing in the sellsr SKU number for that Amazon product listing. This will be a unique alphanumeric identifier that you'll have to copy from inside your Amazon seller's account. We’ll just paste it in here and do a search and you can see it came back with a “Vitamin Pen with Cute Emotion” product listing that's in our Sellers account. We’ll go ahead and click “Add” and we've successfully mapped an Amazon product listing to an existing product in our Miva Merchant catalog.

To check for Amazon orders that contained this Vitamin Pen, we can click on this get orders button. By default it will look for any orders that have come in today, but you can edit the date range by clicking into these fields here. Once you've configured a date range, click on the Get Orders button to download your orders. Your Amazon orders will now appear with all of your other Miva Merchant orders inside of your Order Processing Screen. After you process your Amazon orders in your Order Processing Screen and you have shipping tracking numbers entered into those orders, you can click on this Update Shipping button here and both the Order Status and Tracking Number Information will be pushed up to the Amazon system. Your customers will be able to see the tracking information and they'll be able to track the shipment of their order. And that's how you add products and manage orders for Amazon Marketplaces.

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