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Videos | Managing Billing and Payment Options in My.Miva

Your billing and payment card information, as well as invoices for your Miva services are all securely stored in your My.Miva account. This video shows you how to access billing and invoice information from your My.Miva control panel.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Here we are in the my.miva home screen. Here you can find a pane containing some billing information for your account. You can see the current billing cycle as well as balance due and the current status of the billing account. Clicking on this balance will take you to the most recent invoice details. To see a list of all invoices, you can click on this button here, “Return to Invoice List.” This takes you to the invoices screen which is the same screen you get to if you clicked on the invoices link under billing in the side menu. Here you can click on any one of these historical invoices to see their specific details. Your card payment information is stored securely in your my.miva account. You can view and manage your payment information by accessing the sidebar menu. Going into the Billing Menu and clicking into Billing Profiles. Any and all payment card information associated with this my.miva account will be listed out on this page. Each payment card configured will appear as its own billing profile with their own independent card information, billing name and billing address. You can view and edit any existing billing profiles by clicking on their Summary link. Note that though you can modify your personal information such as name, address and phone number, your ability to modify card information is limited to its expiration date and the name on the card. Any other necessary changes to the card information would require you to create a new billing profile, rather than an existing one. Creating a new billing profile can be done from the billing profiles list page. By clicking on the “Create New Payment Profile” button, fill out the necessary information, then click the “Save Billing Profile” button. Your new profile will appear below your active billing profile. If you wish to make one of the additional profiles be “Active Billing Profile,” you can do so by selecting its radio button and clicking on the button labeled, “Make Selected Profile Active.” Lastly, you can delete any non-active billing profiles by clicking on its trash icon on the right. and that is how you manage Billing and Payment Options for your my.miva account.

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