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Videos | Managing Etsy Orders & Shipments

You can review and process Etsy orders from the Order Processing screen inside of Miva Merchant. Here's how.
ver.9.6 and later

Video Transcript

So now you have Etsy configured in your Miva Marketplace screen and you've even created a few Etsy Product Listings from inside of your Miva Merchant Admin. What do you do now? You can use the Miva Marketplace Etsy Integration to keep tabs of your Etsy Product Listings and even process Etsy Order Fulfillment all from the Order Processing section of your Miva Merchant Store. To do that you'll want to log into your Miva Store Admin and click into Marketplaces, Etsy and then the listings tab. Here you can see all of the product listings that you've published in Etsy that are connected to products in your Miva Merchant catalog.

As we covered in a previous video, you can see details like their listing status as well as their quantities still available on Etsy, etc. If anyone's purchased any products from your Etsy Shop you can pull in the purchase details as an order record into your Miva stores order processing screen. You can do that by clicking on this “Get Orders” button. Note that you can control which orders get pulled into Miva via a configuration on the Settings tab over here. The setting called Order Import has three options available. You can choose not to import any orders from Etsy, or you can import only Etsy orders that tie in with a product in your Miva catalog, or you can import all Etsy orders. When you click the “Get Orders” button a modal window pops up allowing you to zero in on which orders you want to focus on. You can do that by using specific date ranges, specific Etsy order IDs, or order statuses. Configure these options as needed and click on the “Get Orders” button. A message pops up letting you know how many orders were imported. The imported orders appear in your order processing screen and you'll be able to process them the same way you process all of your other Miva store orders. Once you've processed your Etsy orders they'll be flagged as shipped in your Miva Merchant store. You can update the order status on the Etsy website by clicking on this “Update Shipping” button. Now, when your buyer checks the order status on Etsy.com, they'll see that their purchases are on their way.

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