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Videos | Managing Featured Products

Do you have specific products in your store that you want to showcase to your customers? You can quickly do that by adding them to your Featured Products listed on your storefront page. This video shows you how.
ver.9.4 and later

Video Transcript

Miva Merchant stores come configured to have a section on the storefront page for listing featured products in your store. Here we’re looking at an example store with the Iron and Wool ReadyTheme installed. You can find the featured products if you scroll down until you see a section labeled “What's Popular.” Like the label suggests, the products listed here represents the most purchased products in this test store. You can advance through this list by clicking the side arrows here and there's a “View All” link up here that isn't configured to go anywhere at the moment, but we’ll show you how you can update that with some minor HTML work. Also, if you would rather manage this list by hand picking which products appear in here, we’ll show you how you can do that as well. Here we are on the Product Listing tab in the ReadyThemes area of the Miva Merchant Admin. This is the product listing record that was powering the Featured Product on the Storefront page of this store. Doubleclick it to pull up at settings amongst other things you will see some markup code that's responsible for making this product listing work. Let me copy this and paste it into a text editor. Here you can see the title, what's popular and if you look down here you can see the text “View All.” This is wrapped in an a tag that allows it to be a clickable link. Right now that href has no value.

In this example let’s link “View All” to the View All Products page. I'll just copy the URI for that page and paste it under the href value and when we copy this back into the store and hit “Save” the View All button now links to the All Products page. Back in the Admin let’s scroll down and have a look at some of these settings for this product listing. Here we can see that this product listing is configured to display the products based on best-selling and it's pulling from every product in the store. Notice that we have the option of having this product listing pull products only from a specific category. Let's go ahead and click this and choose which category we want to use. I've already created a category called Manager's Special, so I'm going to search for it now. This is the category I want to choose so I’m going to select it and click “OK” and lastly if I go back up here in the HTML, I can change the title from What's Popular to Manager's Special and then click “Save.” Now when we go back to the storefront, we’ll see that the text now reads Manager's Special and it's loading in the products I've added to the Manager Special category.

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