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Videos | Managing Packages in My.Miva

We take a tour of the My.Miva control panel and the settings and configurations available to you from its administration pages.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

When you first log into your My.Miva account you will be taken to the home screen. If you scroll down this page you will see a pane for packages you currently have with Miva. Here you can see a package for Miva Merchant Starter Plan. If you have more than one package with Miva for instance, if you were a Miva Merchant Professional Services client, or if you have more than one Miva Merchant store, your additional packages would appear below this one. As for this starting hosting package that this account is set up with, you can see that there is a button that takes you to the Admin login screen for your store. As well as a button that will take you to your Plesk backend. Moving on, you can see some useful information regarding this hosting package. You can see which this domain package is for, how many admin seats it has, the license number for this Miva Merchant installation, how much disc space and bandwidth this plan has as well as how much disc space and bandwidth has been used this billing cycle. If you were exceeding your limit for disc space or bandwidth, these bar graphs would show you at a glance. In the event you need to manage how much disc space or bandwidth your package needs, you can do so by clicking on either disc usage or bandwidth usage to edit your configuration. This takes you to the same screen if you had clicked on "Web Site Settings" from the side menu. On this screen if you needed to add more disc space, you'd select the desired additional disc space in this drop down menu and then click on the "Update Disc Space" button on the left. Managing bandwidth is quite similar. Just select the desired bandwidth size in the drop down menu and then click on the "Update Bandwidth" button on the right. And that is a quick overview of Managing Packages inside of your My.Miva account.

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