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Videos | Managing Your Concurrent Seat Licenses

You can review and manage your store's concurrent seat licenses via your Seat Billing Account, found in the Domain Settings area of your store admin. This video shows you how to add and remove additional seat licenses, update payment information, and access the billing history of your Seat Billing Account.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

If you've ever seen this lock out screen, then you already know that you can add seats to your store by clicking on this button here. You don't need to trigger the lock-out screen every time you want to add or reduce the number of seats in your store. By clicking into the domain settings in your admin, you'll be able to see the number of seats your store currently has. You'll also find a link for managing your additional licenses click on this link. If this is your first time visiting this area you will have to create a seat billing account which is separate from any other account type you may have with Miva. Your seat billing account will be bound to the store license and email listed on this screen. These items of information are pulled from fields in your store admin and can't be changed on this screen. If you need to update the email address you want the seat billing account bound to, you’ll have to go back to your domain settings and change the registration email here.

When you're logged into your seat billing account you will be able to manage the number of licenses you have, the credit card on file and you will be able to view the billing history of licenses purchased. On this page we see that this store has one concurrent seat. Notice that this field is labeled “Increase/Reduce licenses to:”. So the number that appears here doesn't reflect the number of seats you want to add on to the seat you already have. Rather this will represent your new total number of seats you want in your store. So if you want to have two seats total, change this to read “2” and click “Apply Changes.” You will be able to review the details before finalizing the purchase. Here is the number of new seats we’re about to buy as well as the breakdown of how much this purchase will cost each month. Notice that the fees for the current month is prorated. So when you buy a new seat you will only be paying for the number of days that are left in the month. Here you can choose which credit card you want to use for this purchase. If this is your first seat purchase, you'll be prompted to enter new credit card information. If you need to update existing credit card information, you can do so by clicking on this “Edit” link. You will be able to update the credit card name and expiration date, but not the number. If you need to correct an erroneous credit card number, you will need to add a new credit card to your account and then remove the old one. Once you've reviewed your purchase details, agree to the terms listed here and click the confirmation button. You will see a confirmation page and an email be sent to you for your records. The new concurrent seat licenses are available for use immediately

If you no longer need the number of seats that you have, you can log into your seat billing account to remove seats. Drop this number down to the number of seats you wish to have and confirm your changes. You will no longer be billed for the seats that you remove from your account. Note that seats you remove are available to you until the end of the current month. Since seats are billed monthly, you will have access to removed seats up to the date that you paid for them. And that's how you manage seat licenses for your Miva Merchant store.

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