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Videos | Miva Time Stamps

New in Miva 9.0007 - Timestamps for Customers, Products and Categories. You can now see when they were created, updated, or when your customers last logged in. You can also sort and do advanced searches on the timestamps as well! Yet another great feature we've added to make your job easier and more efficient!

Video Transcript

This video is going to cover a feature in Miva called "Timestamps" for Products, Categories, and Customers. Timestamps are created each time you add a new product, category or customer. In this instance for the product, it will show you when this product was created, time and date, and when it was last updated. Same for the categories. For Customers, it will show you when the customer was added and when the customer last logged in. We'll go ahead and take you through the Admin and show you the benefit of this Timestamp feature in your store. 

One of the nice things about the new Timestamp feature is that you can sort and search by them. So if we come over here to Show/Hide Columns, we'll click on it, then scroll down to "Created" and "Last Updated." Now we can see when our products were created and when they were updated. Let's say we wanted to take a look at the last five products that we added. We're going to go ahead and click on "Created" which will automatically sort our products by date and time, as well as when we click on the "Last Updated" column. If we click on it, it will also sort by date and time. 

One thing worth mentioning, any updated stores with existing products will show an n/a in the Created field. As we didn't track this info prior to Miva 9.7, so you'll only see the updated field being filled in with information, and the created field will always remain n/a. However, any products added after 9.7, will show both the created date and the last updated fields.  

Another nice thing about the Timestamp feature is the ability to do an Advanced Search on these columns. I'm going to take you over to the customer page and show you how that works as well. If we come over to our menu and select "Customers,"  we'll turn on the new stamp for Customers, which is Created and Last Logged in. Now you can see them displayed in the header row. And again, this is worth noting. For all store owners updating to Miva 9.7, all their customers that were created before the update will show an n/a in the created timestamp. However, as they login, they will have timestamps moving forward for their last time and date login. For all new customers created after the upgrade, they will show both the created and last log in timestamps. 

Let's go ahead and do an advanced search. We're going to click on our search settings column and then scroll down to "Advanced Search." We're going to click on "Created." We want to find a product that was created let's say before April 26 and we'll say 3pm. We'll click on the Search button. Here you'll see it's brought all of our products up that were created on the 26th before 3PM. 

We hope this brief overview will help you realize how beneficial the Timestamp feature will be in your store.

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