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Videos | Miva Merchant Admin

Welcome to the Miva Merchant Admin. In this video we will walk you through a quick introduction to the Admin homepage and show you around the user friendly Interface we've created for you!
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

This is what the new Admin Login page looks like and when you log in you’re greeted with this Admin homepage. This updates bar will let you know when we release a new version of the store software. We periodically update the “What’s New” section to keep you informed with the latest news of all things Miva Merchant. Scrolling down you’ll see a box called, “Information.” This will tell you what version of the software your store’s running, what version of the Miva Merchant engine it’s being powered by, and the database type your Miva Merchant store is using. It will also let you know how many users are currently logged in to your store admin as well as how many failed login attempts have occurred since the last time you logged in. Here you can see a new area which we call Quick Links. It’s filled with icons you click on to access all of the different areas of the Miva Merchant Admin. Below that you’ll find a collection of various reports and a box called, “Support.” Here you can create a new ticket for our technical support team or view existing tickets you have with them. You can also access the Miva Merchant forums or the Miva Merchant video tutorial pages. There is a top menu bar which you an access from any page inside the Miva Merchant Admin. On this menu bar you will find a menu button, a history button, a bookmarks button, a menu to switch between different stores you might have in your admin, a search field, and the Miva Merchant 9 logo which you can always click on to take you back to this Admin homepage.

Clicking or tapping on the “Menu” button pulls up a dropdown menu filled with all of the options you would find in the quick links box. You might have noticed that there are no links for categories or products and that is because we rolled them both into one location which we now call the “Catalog.” When you’re still learning your way around Miva Merchant 9, the history feature is going to be one of your best friends. It records all of the Admin pages that you visited. So if you’re trying to find a place in the Admin and you’re not sure how you got there, you can always click on “History” and skim your list to find a location you’re looking for. Bookmarks is a new feature we’re introducing into Miva Merchant 9. If there’s a location in the Store Admin you visit on a daily basis, you may want to put it in your bookmarks list. Every location in the Miva Merchant Admin has a bookmark ribbon on the right hand corner. If you click on this ribbon it will visually show you that this location is now added to your bookmarks list by making the ribbon longer. If you click on bookmarks it will show you a list of all the areas you’ve added to your bookmarks.

The last thing we want to show you in this preview is the search bar in the upper right corner. This search field allows you to do multiple partial searches. For instance, if I typed “Iva Kin” the first partial search returns the “iva” in Miva and the “kin” matches up with the kin in “skins.” This search function has the ability to filter your search results into a few different buckets; like Places, Products, Categories, Customers and Pages. The last four are pretty self explanatory. Any search results that don’t quite fit into Products, Categories, Customers or Pages will list out in the Places column. Another nice feature about these search results is it’s completely keyboard navigable so I can use my left and right arrow keys to jump between the filters and I can use my up and down arrow keys to peruse the list. If I find what I’m looking for I can browse to it by pressing my enter key. And that’s our sneak peak of Miva Merchant 9.

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