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Videos | Mivapay 2 - Configuring Payment Card Types

Once Mivapay is installed in your store, you will want to configure Payment Card Types so customers can checkout with Mivapay.
ver.9.6 and later

Video Transcript

Now that your store is connected to your MivaPay service, you'll want to configure you're MivaPay to appear as Payment options available to you customers at checkout. This is done inside the Payment Method Rules tab inside of the Payment Settings screen of your Miva Merchant Admin. Here we can see that this test store is configured to use Authorize.net as its Payment Gateway. We'll want to configure all Payment Options powered by Authorize.net to work with MivaPay. Let's do that now b y clicking on the Payment Cards button. A modal pops up listing out the four major credit card types; American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Each of these payment card types will appear as payment options to your customers at checkout. We want to map each of these card types to payment options powered by the payment gateway we're using. Let's select these payment card types and edit them all at once. For the American Express Card Type, we'll link it to the American Express Authorize.net option. We'll link Discover to the Authorize.net Discover option and repeat the process for MasterCard and Visa. I'll press the return key on my keyboard to submit the changes and once we have the payment card types linked up properly, we can close this modal window. We're almost done with configuring MivaPay as our payment option for this store. At the moment it's technically already up and running.

If you look closely, this store is currently configured to offer the customer two American Expresses, two Discover cards, two MasterCards and two different Visa card options at checkout. One set of options funnels the customers credit card data through your Miva Merchant store to the payment processor. The other set of options funnel the customer data to be handled by MivaPay linked to the Payment Processor. We will want to hide the redundant payment options to ensure that all customer checkouts are handled by MivaPay options only. We can do this by setting up exclusion rules. There are a few ways we can do this, but possibly the quickest and simplest way is to edit each of these payment gateway options and checkmark "Exclude This Method Unless Permitted by Products" and we'll do this for each payment gateway credit card option. Now, when a customer goes through checkout, they will be presented with only Payment Options that are managed by your MivaPay Service.

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