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Videos | My.Miva Account Overview

This video takes a tour of the My.Miva control panel, where you can manage account settings pertaining to your hosting packages, billing and payment information, as well as FTP users for your website.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

When you first log into your My.Miva Account, you will be taken to the homepage where you can see a high level view of your Billing Information, your User Information, and all of your packages that you currently have with Miva. At a glance you can see how much disc usage and bandwidth usage you are currently using for your hosting packages. So you can be informed if your hosting packages require more or less disc and bandwidth than they are currently allocated. On the left side of the screen, you will see the side bar menu which always defaults to a collapsed state, but you can expand the menu by clicking on this icon here revealing the names of each of the menus sections. Here, we have home, which makes it easy to return to this home screen you seen now no matter where you are in the My.Miva Account.

Next we have Account Settings where you can manage things like the name on the account, the address and the phone and email address information. We have Billing where you can manage payment card information as well as see invoices for your Miva services. Next you have Domain Management where you can manage domains and domain alias for your packages. You can register new domains here by clicking on "Add Domain to this Package." You can also manage existing domains by clicking on this "Manage" button which allows you to configure your auto renewal settings as well as contact information for this domain. You can also configure your name server settings for this domain that you're editing. Moving on, we have the Web Site Settings where you can manage disc space usage and bandwidth usage for your packages, manage additional admin seats, and even quickly navigate to your Miva Merchant store Admin Login Page. If you need to configure an ftp user for your Miva Merchant store, you can do that as well by going to web site settings and clicking on "FTP Users." By default, a Miva Merchant hosting package does not come with any FTP users so you shouldn't have any users on this screen by default. From this screen you can add new users by clicking on this "Add User" button. You can delete existing users and even reset their password if you need to by clicking on this "Reset Password" button. Next in the sidebar menu is the SSL Certificates area where you can go and edit your secure certificates for your Miva Merchant hosting packages. Lastly we have the Support link where you can go to create a support ticket if you need assistance from our Miva Merchant Support Team. And that is a quick overview of the My.Miva Control Panel.

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