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Chip Vann from PayPal presents a webinar to show you how PayPal can help you sell more online, reduce your credit card processing costs, and how to make sure your website has a mobile-friendly check out experience. Chip gives a brief overview of PayPal Pro and Express Checkout products, and how Miva merchants can use them to generate more revenue and add more to your bottom line.
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Video Transcript

Good afternoon, my name is Zeph Dumlao and I'm the Media and Training Specialist at Miva. Our partner presenting for this webinar I'm sure requires no introduction. PayPal has been around processing online payments since 1998. Their long-running track record has made them one of the most well-known, if not the most well-known company of its type. Joining us on this call is Chip Van and Joseph Siedel from PayPal. They will be talking to us about how PayPal fits in with Miva Merchant stores and how PayPal can help not only collect payments for you, but also save you some time and money in the process. The presentation will run about 20 or 30 minutes and we'll have a Q&A session at the end to answer any questions that you may have afterwards. If at any point of the presentation you have a question, please type it into your chat box on your screen and we'll do our best to answer them all as time allows.

With that, let me hand off the mic to Chip Van. Okay thank you Zeph. I want to thank all of you for joining the webinar today. As Zeph said, I have Joe Siedel also with me and I believe Steve Jace has joined as well. Joe and Steve are here to help with the Q&A session, so if you have questions about how to set up your PayPal account, or you have questions about your existing PayPal account, Joe and Steve are here to help with those questions. So the purpose of the webinar today is to share with you how PayPal can help you sell more online, reduce your credit card processing costs and ensure that your website has a mobile friendly check out experience. If you're unable to attend one of the Miva Conferences this year, this a great way to get up to speed on how PayPal can help you generate more revenue and add more to your bottom line.

So here’s the agenda for our webinar today. To give you a brief overview of PayPal. We’ll talk about the PayPal products available to Miva Merchant’s. We’ll talk a little bit of the mobile trends that we're seeing and we'll talk about having a mobile-friendly website and how PayPal can help you with that. Then we'll finish up with the brief overview of the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard. We’ll take your questions and then we'll talk about getting set up on PayPal if you need help with that.

Paypal is a trusted brand in eCommerce. We can handle all of your online payment processing needs.

Here are some key stats from 2014 on PayPal.

  • Last year we processed over 225 billion in payments. We currently have 165 million consumers with an active PayPal account.
  • Over a million Merchants use PayPal for payment processing today in 203 markets around the globe processing in 23 different currencies.
  • Last year we did over $46 billion dollars in mobile payment processing

  • So there’s two products that we're going to talk about today; PayPal Payments Pro and PayPal Express Checkout. Both of these products are easy to set up and ready for you to use. At the end of the webinar we’ll give you information on how you can get started using PayPal.

    So Pay Pal Pro gives you flexibility to process payments via Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. It also includes PayPal and PayPal Credit as payment options as well. So your customers can pay with credit card or PayPal on your site. For customers who use credit cards, it's just a standard check out experience. They don't know that PayPal is processing the transaction.

    So here’s some of the benefits of using PayPal Pro:

    • Your customers can pay using credit or debit card in your site.
    • They never have to leave your site
    • There's no setup costs
    • No termination fees
    • There's no long-term contract
    • The monthly fee is $30 and you can cancel at any time without having to pay a penalty.
    • It also helps you consolidate statements

    We hear from some merchants that they’re reviewing multiple statements a month and with PayPal you only have to review one statement for all of your credit card processing and all of your PayPal payments.

    So here’s how it works; with PayPal Payments Pro, you can handle credit and debit card transactions as well as paying with PayPal, so you can see the process for credit cards on the left and PayPal on the right of your screen here. A little bit on the PayPal Payments Pro pricing; our fee structure is simple and as you process more volume with PayPal, you're going to pay a lower fee. So you can see on the right-hand side of the screen if you pay if you process up to $3,000 in payments a month your rates are going to be 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. If you process over $3,000 a month the rate drops to 2.5% and over $10,000 it drops to 2.2%.

    A lot of our competitors advertise a low rate, but then they end up they end up charging you a higher fee when a customer uses a loyalty card to make a purchase on your website. And in fact anytime anyone uses a card to make a purchase on your site that earns points or miles, that car doesn't qualify for the low advertise rate and you can be paying as much as 4% for those transactions. It seems like almost everybody these days has a loyalty card, so that drives up the rate that you're paying for credit card processing and it's a cost you can't control because the customer’s choosing what card they want to use to pay for products and services on your web site. So with PayPal you get a simple flat rate. There's no Gateway fees, no statement fees and no gotchas. We’ve worked with Scottevest, a Miva Merchant customer. They started with another gateway credit card processor and after reviewing PayPal's rates, they realized they could save money by switching to PayPal and we ended up saving Scottevest thousands of dollars a year in credit card processing cost. So you can set up Paypal Pro easily through your Miva Payments module. To use PayPal Pro you need to set up a PayPal Business Account, or if you already have one just link your existing PayPal Business Account to your Miva website. After the webinar, if you want help setting up PayPal, Joe Siedel can walk you through the easy steps to switch to PayPal.

    Next I’m going to talk about PayPal Express Checkout. So everyone knows this as the PayPal button you can have on your checkout page. It's included in PayPal Pro, but you can also add PayPal Express Checkout as a complement to your current Credit Card Gateway Processor and we recommend that every Miva merchant have PayPal Express checkout on their website.

    There are over 165 million customers with a PayPal account and over the next few years we're going to be focused on growing that base significantly. So having Express Checkout on your site lets you tap into this huge and loyal customer base. Our customers look for the PayPal logo on your site, because they prefer to pay using PayPal. So having PayPal on your site can help you lift conversion rates, reduce card abandonment rates and improve the customer experience using PayPal.

    Here is a comparison of checking out using PayPal versus a credit card. So you can see here when paying with PayPal, your customer logs in, they review their information and then they complete the purchase; versus the credit card check out you see below, the standard check out, there's six or more steps that the customer has to go through and it's an average of 120 keystrokes just to complete a purchase. That’s why we see a 115% higher checkout conversion rates with PayPal.

    Here's our pricing. So with PayPal Express Checkout there are no extra fees, there's no termination fees, or monthly fees and our structure is simple; similar to what you have with PayPal Pro.

    So if you process up to $3,000 through Express Checkout, it’s 2.9%. If you process over $3,000 a month through Express Checkout, the rate drops to 2.5% and so on. You only pay when you generate sales through Express Checkout.

    Now a little bit about about mobile trends. So last year smartphone penetration reached 66% in the US and we saw US Consumers purchasing over $52 billion dollars using mobile devices and it's projected to almost triple in the next four years. At PayPal we are a major player in the mobile space. We processed a billion mobile transactions last year and 46 billion in mobile payments, which includes not only U.S. but International. We’ve seen a lot of Miva merchants moving to to responsive design and mobile friendly websites and as you all know Google made some recent changes that will negatively impact search engine optimization results. So if your website is not mobile friendly, Google will punish your website with a lower search result when consumers are searching on mobile devices. Over the past few months lots of merchants have been moving to mobile-friendly sites in anticipation of this change and for Miva 9 merchants, the ready themes are available for you.

    So why it's important to drive mobile traffic to your site, you also need to convert site visitors using mobile devices into buyers. So if you're not addressing mobile checkout, you're not providing a complete end-to-end mobile-friendly experience and you’re likely losing sales due to cart abandonment. Over half of eCommerce shopping experiences take place on mobile devices today, but only 10 - 15% of purchases occur on a mobile device. So the drop off is an indicator of how hard it is to complete checkout on a mobile device and there's this is a huge opportunity for merchants and PayPal can help.

    So here’s how PayPal Express Checkout works for mobile user. You see the steps on top there. A customer selects an item on your site, they decide they want to checkout with PayPal and they login, the customer confirms their shipping address, payment method, completes the order and step four you get paid. It’s an easy process for mobile users and we're working to make this even better. This week PayPal announced that we're beginning to roll out seamless one-touch payments across the web allowing our customers check out from a merchant website without having to enter an email address and password again. So PayPal customers will be able to start using this new feature over the next few months. One Touch Checkout, as it will be called, will be available to PayPal customers using computers, PC’s laptops, as well as those using mobile devices. In our testing with selected merchants, we've seen significant increases in checkout conversion rates. So you want to make sure you take advantage of this. So it’s easy for Miva merchant’s to enable One Touch. All you need to do is have PayPal Pro or Express Checkout on the website, you want to go into the Miva Payments Module and make sure that you've activated “Enable In Context Checkout.” So be looking for more information on PayPal One Touch from Miva and PayPal as we roll out this exciting new future.

    So you can see on this slide here we’re showing the Payment Settings and you see the blue arrow is pointing at “Enable In Context Checkout.” So that's what you want to make sure you check in the box on once you have PayPal Express Checkout or Pro setup. This is also the page that you want to go to when you want to set up Express Checkout. Again, it's the same process as Paypal Pro. You're going to log into your PayPal account or set up the Paypal account and then you can get your API Credentials, login to Miva and add your API Credentials to the Miva Payment Module. If you need help, Joe Siedel is here to help you.

    We have a PayPal Business Debit MasterCard and this is a great way for you to access the balance in your PayPal Business Account, plus we give 1% cash back on signed purchases.

    Thanks Chip, some of those statistics were pretty eye-opening for me too. Great presentation! Let’s have a look at some of these questions. If you have any questions, go ahead and type them into your chat box on your screens and then we'll will read them out and then answer them so here's a question:

    Q: Does a Paypal customer cc verification have any issues with payments received from foreign countries? They currently get some rejections due to foreign address issues.

    A: I can answer that for you. This is Joe. As far as our Foreign Credit Card verifications, we use AVS checks for all the countries that support that. So you should not have any issues and less as a country that doesn't support the AVS checks.

    Q. Okay. An attendee comments that they've already compared the fees and they know they will save with PayPal and they're actually inquiring if it's a simple switch?

    A: Yes, the switch is very seamless. At the end of this Q&A I will give you my email address and phone number and I can actually give you White Club treatment to get you on board. It should be pretty seamless. We have some engineers on my end that would actually walk you through how to do the switch and then also do some test transactions for you as well to make sure everything is set up properly.

    Q: Another attendee asks does the 2.9% include American Express?

    A: American Express is separate from that 2.9% threshold. American Express right off the bat is 3.5% and there's no per transaction fee. Now, if you’re doing $50,000 or more a month in American Express then it would be 3.25% with no transaction fee, but we have to have some statements to prove that you're doing more than $50,000 a month in American Express volume.

    Q: OK, I see someone just asked a follow-up question to this question they they are wondering if they can decline taking American Express?

    A: Yes, I can, and just to clarify on the American Express thing as well, that's just for taking American Express for Payflow or PayFlow Pro. American Express is also taken through our Express Checkout Channel through their e-wallets, the PayPal e-wallet and that would go through whatever Express Checkout rate that you’re set at in your account.

    Oh, that's good to know.

    Q: Okay, so next question, and attendee asks “My PayPal Express has four steps is there a way to reduce it to 2 or 3?”

    A: I’m not positive. I’d have to take a look at the setup they have. I don't know if they have maybe like they don't have guest checkout enabled or something like that, or where they have to make maybe create a profile. Yeah, that's that's only thing I can think of.

    Yeah, you should be pretty consistent across the board.

    Q: How does a merchant qualify for the various rates? This person's store is receiving $10,000 to $25,000 a month in purchases, so he's wondering how he can qualify for a lower processing rate?

    A: So this is also be something, since you're right on the cost of you know where the tiers are, that we can probably take this off line as well. If she said they wanted to email me we could probably get something set for them. We understand the seasonality and things like that with with merchants and their businesses, so like I said, we can talk more if she can email me or call me.

    Q: Next question, they currently use Playflow on their Miva store. They're trying to protect the company from unauthorized transactions. How do I ensure that all Miva Payflow transactions are marked “Eligible” for PayPal Seller Protection to prevent chargebacks?

    A: Right, so in this case if you’re using Payflow Pro and you have Express Checkout, any PayPal Payment methods like PayPal Express Checkout or PayPal Standard, those are usually covered under our PayPal Seller Protection. The Payflow Pro Protections, the direct credit card transactions, are not covered under the Seller Protection. However, there are toggles and filters that we can go through, set up and make sure that you have the most advanced tools to prevent fraud for all your direct credit card transactions.

    Q: I think this might have been covered. I'll just read the question, “What are the step by step to activate PayPal Pro and to deactivate PaymentTech. We are already use PayPal express.” Okay so that seems like something will cover off the air?

    A: That person will probably want to just email me and I can walk them through the steps and also call into our integration line and make sure everything is setup and test it out for them to make sure it's all done properly.

    Yea, provided you have your PayPal account, it goes pretty fast.

    To give you a breakdown of how the application works, if you have an Express Checkout Account already, basically we can use that same Express Check account for your direct credit cards as well. I can walk you through the steps. It takes literally 5 minutes to walk through, because a lot of information is already pre-populated for or you, including your Tax ID, and things like that. My department that I work for can get the approval back within 24 hours and then I could have you set up the next day. So it's pretty pretty seamless. pretty simple to do. Like I said, my department I work out of, we also will test the transactions and make sure everything's running smooth and you'll have a direct contact in me to make sure that your account is taken care of.

    Q: Next question, what's the lag time to receiving 100% of funds after a purchase?

    A: So there’s really no lag time. We’re a real-time processor, where as, as soon as someone clicks that they're paying you, that money is instantly available in their PayPal account. Then what we do is set up an overnight withdrawal to their bank account, which it takes a snapshot usually at midnight and then pushes the next day to the bank for them.

    Q: Is that midnight wherever they are, or a specific time zone?

    A: We can set it up for whatever time zone they are in.

    Q: Is there any POS terminal/equipment provided by PayPal for in-person card processing. My business would need both online card processing as well as in-person card processing and it would be good to have the same processor for all of the processing needs.

    A: Absolutely, that would simplify a lot of things. Basically, we use a third party company for this. I can talk to this person off line and get that all set up with them so they'd have a swiping device for their in-store and then also account for their online. They can have one account or two accounts, just however they want to separate for the reporting purposes, but it'd be pretty easy to set up, so yes.

    Q: Is there an interest in a follow-up webinar where we would give more information around PayPal One Touch and then also, are there other topics that they would like to learn more about with PayPal? If that sounds like something you want, answer in your chat box. So it seems like a pretty popular topic, that's 30 or over a third of the people are pretty interested in that.

    A: Ok great, we will will be pulling together some information over the next couple of months. So maybe the July timeframe we could do another webinar specifically on One Touch and then we can show you the customer experience and how it's going to benefit Miva merchant’s.

    Q: So is it $30 a month a minimum or always $30 a month plus percentage of sales? Is that correct?

    A: No, it’s only $30 a month for a services, just $30 a month, period.

    We have quite a few more questions, so thanks for bearing with us. We’ll get to your questions as soon as possible.

    Q: Can PayPal accommodate Pay in gross?

    A: No. Basically we will show you the gross in reports, but we take the fees right off the top. So there's no end of the month fees that we charge. It's all real time if that make sense.

    Q: So how do you apply for a PayPal Debit Card?

    A: We’d have to give you the phone number to do that. We can provide that to everybody if you can do that after the call.

    Q: Here’s a user of PayPal whose is asking stating that their PayPal transfers take 2 to 3 days, possibly 4 days to deposit in their bank. Is that normal?

    A: It just depends on their bank, who they bank with. I'm just not up to speed if it's not going faster than that or if it's taking a long time frame, they should just reach out to us and we have other ways to speed up the funds to their account.

    Q: So here's another PayPal user there currently using Paypal Payment Standard, what's the difference between Standard and Express Checkout? I should say Paypal Payment Standard, which is a module and PayPal Express Checkout which is another module inside of Miva Merchant?

    A: This is a great question. So everyone should be using our latest version, it also increases conversion. Basically, you're putting the PayPal button in the front of the checkout, compared to having it at the end of the check out where someone you know has to click on that at the end and they've already entered all the information. Express Checkout is made to be a simple easy way to get through the checkout fast, so we put in the front of your checkout process and pre-populate all the information back to you so you don’t have to go through your check out twice. They don’t have to fill out information twice. Also for Mobile, Express checkout is mobile optimized, so someone doesn't have to pinch their screen when they're going to check out on your website with their cell phone or tablet. It's all mobile optimized. So those are the two biggest advantages from Express Checkout over Standard.

    Also to add to that, as we move to One Touch, you're going to need to have Express Checkout on your site and Standard won't support it.

    Q: Where does an Express Checkout button appear in Miva. I'm trying to remember the name of that page, but it's at the beginning of check out.

    A: Yes and I believe Miva has an option where people can put it right by their products as well. I have to double check on that. I believe there's a way to put it by the products too.

    I'm not familiar with that I have to double-check but I haven't seen that myself.

    Q: So next question, “Most of our website cells are phone orders how do we process a phone order?”

    Great question. Ok, once the merchant is approved for getting our processing, there's a additional Button they’ll see in their PayPal account says “Virtual Terminal.” They can process their payments right there. For phone orders all they’ll need is the credit card number, the person's name, a lot of people like to have the address and CVC code and things like that. You can put as much information or as little information as you want to process that card.

    Q: Okay so let me review this question. “Can a person in Canada get a PayPal Mastercard?”

    A: No, it’s only available in the US right now.

    Q: All right, so is there a setup fee for additional monthly charge for dual online/in person credit card processing? Is there a unique fee for being able to process orders online and in person in your store?

    A: No, call me. We don't have any set up fees for that. I would do all the work with them and get them set up properly?

    Q: Is this correct, Virtual Terminals is not available for Express checkout?

    A: Oh yeah, it wouldn't be available for Express Checkout because that would be impossible. It's only for direct credit cards. For Express Checkout you're basically getting a person's email address and they're selecting whatever way they want to pay. As far as the merchant, you're not going to be able to have any access to their accoun or to do any charges. The customer themselves have to initiate the charges.

    Q: Is the 3.5% American Express charge, is that limited via Paypal Standard or Pro?

    A: So the 3.5% is only for Pro. See when someone pays you on PayPal, you don't know what card type they’re using unless it's an E-Check and sometimes you have to wait for those to clear. Someone could technically be paying you through American Express and you don't know that, but you're charged whatever your Express Checkout rate is for the American Express through your Express Checkout.

    Q: Here's another user who's letting us know that they have two Miva stores. What's the monthly fee to use Pro in that situation?

    A: So, like I said we would work with you. That person should just call me directly or email me and we could work on waiving maybe one of the fees for them, or doing something special for them since they have two different counts.

    Q: Next question, “If they convert to PayPal Pro, does anything change with their PayPal processing?”

    A: No, absolutely not. I would still be run to the same account. They would just be adding another product for PayPal Pro. Also, like I said, whatever features they’d like to add, they could add on. The automatic deposit if they’d like. Whatever it is they want. So they should definitely reach out to us as and we’ll make sure it's all okay.

    Q: How are returns handled with Express.

    A: Express Checkout would be handled like any direct credit card transaction, where you would just go in your either your PayPal account or your Miva account and do the refund back to the customer. PayPal, unlike any other merchant out there, does refund the percentage back to you on refunds. Not just the .30, but the whole percentage, it’s returned back to you. No other processers that I know of return the fee back. So just looking at savings, that’s a huge point that people don't realize that we can save them. So much money, especially if you have a lot of returns. I mean that's a lot of money that your processor’s just keeping and we give it back to you.

    Q: Is it possible to charge someone with a PayPal account?

    A: Yes, you would have to send them an invoice for a charge and they would pay you through that invoice by logging into their PayPal account and make their payment. You yourself can’t have access to someone’s PayPal email and password and charge the item for them. That’s part of the privacy and that’s part of the reason why we’ve never been hacked.

    Q: Here’s a user that currently uses Intuit Payment Solutions and would fall into the 2.5% fee range. What do you recommend we switch to, Standard or Pro?

    A: You definitely want to have Pro and Express Checkout at the same time. So Jim, I definitely would like you to email me so I can help you get that set up properly.

    Q: Are there any PCI Compliance fees when using PayPal?

    A: No, we don't charge PCI fees. Once a year they’ll send you a questionnaire to make sure everything's on the up-and-up, but that’s it.

    Q: Can you initiate a refund for an order that was transacted through PayPal Express? Can you log into the Miva Admin and initiate the refund process through the Admin?

    A: I think you can.

    I’ll remember this user's name and maybe I could reach out to them to confirm that answer.

    Q: If I have a return, does PayPal return my processing fees that were charged at the time of sale.

    A: Yes, that's a huge selling point for PayPal that a lot of people don’t realize we do. We give you that money back on returns and this is a huge savings for our merchants. One note to clarify on refunds: for American Express purchases - that's the only card we don't refund fees back to you because American Express has funny agreements. So if it’s an American Express card the 3.25 or 3.5 won’t be refunded. All the other card fees will be refunded on returns, including Express Checkout.

    Q: Can account balances automatically be deposited into my checking account? Currently we login to our site and manually move the money.

    A: Yes, just call us to help you set an automatic deposit up for you.

    Q: When charging credit cards using PayPal, does PayPal check the name and billing address with information on file with a bank?

    A: Yes, we have the basic AVS checks and also you can enable any more complex checks as well if you'd like as ours are fraud filters. It just depends on the complexity that you want to set in place for fraud.

    Q: Jim asks, we have PayPal Payments Pro. Is there much to do to add Payment Express?

    A: So, we can have that within probably 5 minutes. So if you want to give me a call today I could do that for him and have a set up, tested, make sure he likes it. It would only take about 5 minutes.

    Any last questions? It looks like we're reaching the tail end of this webinar. Awesome. Okay, Chip, Joe, thank you so much for this presentation. Joe for your insight and answering all of these fantastic questions today and be on the lookout for a future PayPal webinar specifically covering One Touch Checkout.

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