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Videos | Setting Up An Add-On Product Deal

Let's say you want to offer your customers a deal, where if they buy a shirt, you'll give them a free mug. This is something called an add-on product deal, which is something we can configure using Price Groups.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Let’s say you want to offer your customers a deal where if they buy a shirt, you'll give them a free mug. This is something called an “Add On Product Deal” which is something we can configure using price groups. This video walks you through the steps of setting up a deal like this and also touches on some of the gotchas you want to look out for when configuring this type of price group.

To configure this you'll want to be in the Marketing area of the Miva Merchant Admin. Let’s create a new Price Group by clicking on this “+” button. We’ll call this Price Group “Buy Shirt, Get Mug.” We’ll want to make sure that “All Shoppers” are eligible for this deal and the price group type will need to select is called “Add On Product.” We need to search for the mug product we want to offer the customer by clicking on this look up button. A modal pops up with a list of all products in our store and here is the mug product we're looking for. We’ll just select it and then click the “OK” button. Now our selected product appears in this field up here. Any time a customer buys a shirt, any shirt, we want to give the customer one free mug so quantity should say 1 and we're giving them the mug for free so we'll leave price for each at $0. Here's the big gotcha in setting up this price group. We want to give the customer a free mug provided that they by at least one qualifying product. In this case we want the qualifying products to be our shirt products, but notice this field here called restrict to qualifying quantity. If we leave the minimum field set to 0, then we'll be offering our customers a free mug no matter what's in their basket. They'd have a free mug in their basket even if they had nothing else in their basket and obviously that's not what we want to do. To fix this we need to declare that this deal is only offered provided the customer has at least one qualifying product in their basket. So change this number to 1. After that we can click on the “Save” button to save this price group. Now that we have a price group called “Buy Shirt, Get Mug” let’s assign some qualifying products to it. Click on the price group you made and then click on the “Qualifying Products” button on top. We’ll do a simple search for the word “shirt” and we get a return of all shirts in the store. Click on any of the products in this list and then press “Command A” or “Control A” if you're on a PC to select all. Now click on the “Assigns Record” button to add all of these products to the price group. Now when a customer adds a qualifying product such as this $10 shirt, a free mug gets added to their basket. And that's how you set up an “Add On Product to Deal” in Miva Merchant.

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