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Videos | Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

If you want the added security of two-factor authentication, you can set that up in Miva Merchant 9 from your Domain Settings screen in your admin. Watch this video to see how you can configure two-factor authentication in your store.
ver.9.0 and later

Admin-User from Miva on Vimeo.

Video Transcript

This video covers Two-Factor Authentication, which isn't configured by default. You have to turn it on by going into Domain Settings and you can scroll down this list until you see the Password Settings section and look for something called TOTP which stands for Time-based One Time Password and you turn it on by check marking “Enable TOTP,” which is powered by Google Authenticator and then you click “Update.”

Now that I have TOTP configured for my store I have to configure a user to use TOTP, so I'm going to go into my Users area and then edit my account. Here I'm editing my User account. I'm going to click on “Manage Two-factor Authentication” and I have to enable it here. That gives me a key which I can type into my Google Authenticator, or I can take a picture of this QR Code. Google Authenticator is an app that you have to download onto your smartphone. I downloaded this off of the Apple App Store. That's what the Google Authenticator application looks like. I have to tap into it, add this site to Google Authenticator and I'm going to click on this “+” button. I can manually type in the key which is right here, or I can just take a picture of the barcode by tapping on “Scan barcode.’

Now that I have assigned the Miva Merchant store to my Google Authenticator app, it will show me a time-based password right here and you can see that I only have a small window to utilize that password before it expires. It's worth noting that this password that got generated, it’s time-based, so it doesn't require any sort of connectivity. So even if my telephone had no reception, or could not connect to the internet whatever the password it generates here will be accurate and Miva Merchant two-factor Authentication functionality will work with it. Also, since it is time based, if your server’s time is incorrect, if it's configured with the wrong time, then it's going to throw off this Time-based Two-factor Authentication and you will have troubles using Google Authenticator to log into your Miva Merchant store.

Let me go ahead and log out really quick. Now you'll notice that there is an authentication field that you have to fill out as well as your username and password. Let me go ahead and type in my Username my Password and then this key and then I can click “Sign In” and I've successfully used Two Factor Authentication to sign into my Admin.

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