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Need to help a customer add products to their basket? You can remotely share their basket session via the Shop As Customer feature.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Today we’ll go over a feature in Miva Merchant called “Shop As Customer.” Shop As Customer allows you to log into an active shopping session of one of your customers, provided that they are logged into your store with a user account. For you to be able to utilize Shop As Customer, you need to have the module installed. From the Store Admin click into Utilities and then click into the tab that says, “Add/Remove Modules.” Now look for “Shop As Customer.” If it’s installed, it will be listed on the bottom of the page under “Installed Modules.” if it’s not, go ahead and click the “Install” button for Shop As Customer.

Now, let me pull up my Chrome browser to simulate the perspective of one of my customers. It’s important to note that in order for the Shop As Customer feature to work, the customer in question needs to have a customer account set up in your store and they have to be logged in to that account. So I’m going to click on “Sign In” and login as Sally. Let’s say Sally is shopping around in the store and she likes this red guitar, but she can’t find all of the items that she’s looking for, so she calls the support line here. The merchant on the other side of the phone can help Sally by taking over her shopping basket session and manually adding the elusive product for her. Let’s go back into my Safari browser again, and this is from the perspective of the Merchant. The Merchant just received a phone call from Sally, the customer. The Merchant can hop into Sally’s shopping session by clicking into“Customers and pulling up Sally’s account. From here, the Merchant can click on “this Shop As The Customer” link. There’s a dialogue box letting me know that there is an active session and they would just need to click on this “Yes” button to share it. If I view my basket contents, I will see the product that Sally has added to her shopping basket and I can browse through my store and find the product she’s looking for and add it to Sally’s basket as well.

Let me pull my Chrome browser back into view and here we’re looking at things from Sally’s perspective and when I click on “Basket” I can see that I have the new product that I was looking for also in my basket content. And that’s how you share Basket Sessions with the Shop As Customer feature.

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